Jacqueline Hobbs, MD, PhD

I recently joined the faculty at UW and am the new program director for the general residency program. I am excited to be here! I have been working in graduate medical education and have been a program director for over 14 years. Although my major focus is graduate medical education, I am also passionate about patient safety, quality improvement, and healthcare risk management. Additionally, I have a background in basic research with expertise in virology, microbiology, and immunology.


Psychiatry Residency, University of Florida College of Medicine, 2004
MD/PhD, Indiana University School of Medicine, 2001
Post-doctoral Fellowship, Indiana University School of Medicine, 1999-2000
BA, DePauw University, 1993

Department Affiliations

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is to meet each learner where they are and never give up on them. I also believe that it’s important to break down teaching topics to their foundations (i.e. start from basics) and build up from there. Clinicians are very busy and must be able to attain learning at rapid speed. For graduate and post-graduate medical education, I believe that it is important to keep learning lessons relevant, efficient, and fun (REF).

Recent Publications

Charting the Course for the Future of Psychiatric Residency Education: Guiding Considerations.
(2024 May 6)
Acad Psychiatry
Hobbs JA, Cowley DS, Crapanzano KA, Soman A, Camp ME, Houston LJ, New AS, Young JQ, Idicula SA, Brown GP, De Golia SG

Call for a National Didactic Curriculum in Psychiatry Training Programs.
(2024 Mar 13)
Acad Psychiatry
Mehta AS, Hobbs JA, Buboltz MB

Maternal mental health: Vital sign check.
(2024 Jan)
Asian J Psychiatr 91(): 103899
Hobbs JA

World Psychiatric Association-Asian Journal of Psychiatry Commission on Psychiatric Education in the 21st century.
(2023 Oct)
Asian J Psychiatr 88(): 103739
Bhugra D, Smith A, Ventriglio A, Hermans MHM, Ng R, Javed A, Chumakov E, Kar A, Ruiz R, Oquendo M, Chisolm MS, Werneke U, Suryadevara U, Jibson M, Hobbs J, Castaldelli-Maia J, Nair M, Seshadri S, Subramanyam A, Patil N, Chandra P, Liebrenz M

Improved cell-specificity of adeno-associated viral vectors for medullary thyroid carcinoma using calcitonin gene regulatory elements.
PLoS One 15(2): e0228005
Levy HC, Hulvey D, Adamson-Small L, Jn-Simon N, Prima V, Rivkees S, Hobbs JA

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