Gregory Simon, MD, MPH

Personal Statement

I bring a practical approach to mental health research, working to break down barriers between research and real-world health care.


B.A. Rice University May, 1978
M.D. University of North Carolina May, 1982
M.P.H. University of Washington May, 1990
Intern Internal Medicine University of Washington Hospitals 6/82-6/83
Resident Internal Medicine University of Washington Hospitals 7/83-6/85
Resident Psychiatry Massachusetts General Hospital 7/85-6/88
Fellow Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program University of Washington 7/88-7/90

Recent Publications

Predicting Outcomes of Antidepressant Treatment in Community Practice Settings.
(2023 Dec 5)
Psychiatr Serv
Simon GE, Cruz M, Boggs JM, Beck A, Shortreed SM, Coley RY

Ataxia-telangiectasia mutated ( Atm ) disruption sensitizes spatially-directed H3.3K27M/TP53 diffuse midline gliomas to radiation therapy.
(2023 Oct 20)
Mangoli A, Wu S, Liu HQ, Aksu M, Jain V, Foreman BE, Regal JA, Weidenhammer LB, Stewart CE, Guerra Garcia ME, Hocke E, Abramson K, Williams NT, Luo L, Deland K, Attardi L, Abe K, Hashizume R, Ashley DM, Becher OJ, Kirsch DG, Gregory SG, Reitman ZJ

Screening for Suicide Risk Is Predicting the Future, Not Diagnosing the Present.
(2023 Dec)
Jt Comm J Qual Patient Saf 49(12): 660-662
Rossom RC, Simon GE

Beyond clinical outcomes: Case control study of the role of race in disruptive life events for people with serious mental illness.
(2023 Nov-Dec)
Gen Hosp Psychiatry 85(): 80-86
Coleman KJ, Rossom RC, Braciszewski JM, Padilla A, Li X, Waters HC, Penfold RB, Simon GE, Nau CL

Psychotherapy Disruption Before and After the Transition to Virtual Mental Health Care Induced by the COVID-19 Pandemic.
(2023 Oct 11)
Psychiatr Serv
Ahmedani BK, Yeh HH, Penfold RB, Simon GE, Miller-Matero LR, Akinyemi E, Fallone M, Patel S, Beebani G, Hooker SA, Owen-Smith A, Knowlton G, Levin A, Eke-Usim A, Rossom RC

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