Gregory Simon, MD, MPH

Personal Statement

I bring a practical approach to mental health research, working to break down barriers between research and real-world health care.


B.A. Rice University May, 1978
M.D. University of North Carolina May, 1982
M.P.H. University of Washington May, 1990
Intern Internal Medicine University of Washington Hospitals 6/82-6/83
Resident Internal Medicine University of Washington Hospitals 7/83-6/85
Resident Psychiatry Massachusetts General Hospital 7/85-6/88
Fellow Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program University of Washington 7/88-7/90

Recent Publications

UBE2N is essential for maintenance of skin homeostasis and suppression of inflammation.
(2024 May 23)
J Invest Dermatol
Lee MJ, Hammouda MB, Miao W, Okafor A, Jin Y, Sun H, Jain V, Markovtsov V, Diao Y, Gregory SG, Zhang JY

Evaluation of GPT-4 ability to identify and generate patient instructions for actionable incidental radiology findings.
(2024 May 23)
J Am Med Inform Assoc
Woo KC, Simon GW, Akindutire O, Aphinyanaphongs Y, Austrian JS, Kim JG, Genes N, Goldenring JA, Major VJ, Pariente CS, Pineda EG, Kang SK

Clozapine Use Among People With Psychotic Disorders Who Experience Specific Indications for Clozapine.
(2024 Apr 29)
J Clin Psychiatry 85(2):
Simon GE, Rossom RC, Iturralde E, Ahmedani BK, Waring SC, Owen-Smith AA, Sterling SA, Miley K, Stults CD, Daida YG, Lynch FL, Beck A, Sanchez K, Coleman KJ, Shortreed SM

Accelerated epigenetic age is associated with whole-brain functional connectivity and impaired cognitive performance in older adults.
(2024 Apr 26)
Sci Rep 14(1): 9646
Graves AJ, Danoff JS, Kim M, Brindley SR, Skyberg AM, Giamberardino SN, Lynch ME, Straka BC, Lillard TS, Gregory SG, Connelly JJ, Morris JP

Adolescents Who Do Not Endorse Risk via the Patient Health Questionnaire Before Self-Harm or Suicide.
(2024 Apr 24)
JAMA Psychiatry
Flores JP, Kahn G, Penfold RB, Stuart EA, Ahmedani BK, Beck A, Boggs JM, Coleman KJ, Daida YG, Lynch FL, Richards JE, Rossom RC, Simon GE, Wilcox HC

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