Gregory Simon, MD, MPH

Personal Statement

I bring a practical approach to mental health research, working to break down barriers between research and real-world health care.


B.A. Rice University May, 1978
M.D. University of North Carolina May, 1982
M.P.H. University of Washington May, 1990
Intern Internal Medicine University of Washington Hospitals 6/82-6/83
Resident Internal Medicine University of Washington Hospitals 7/83-6/85
Resident Psychiatry Massachusetts General Hospital 7/85-6/88
Fellow Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program University of Washington 7/88-7/90

Recent Publications

Single-cell genome-wide association reveals that a nonsynonymous variant in ERAP1 confers increased susceptibility to influenza virus.
(2022 Nov 9)
Cell Genom 2(11):
Schott BH, Wang L, Zhu X, Harding AT, Ko ER, Bourgeois JS, Washington EJ, Burke TW, Anderson J, Bergstrom E, Gardener Z, Paterson S, Brennan RG, Chiu C, McClain MT, Woods CW, Gregory SG, Heaton NS, Ko DC

Patient and Clinician Perspectives of a Standardized Question About Firearm Access to Support Suicide Prevention: A Qualitative Study.
(2022 Nov 4)
JAMA Health Forum 3(11): e224252
Richards JE, Kuo ES, Whiteside U, Shulman L, Betz ME, Parrish R, Boggs JM, Rowhani-Rahbar A, Simon GE

Health Diagnoses and Service Utilization in the Year Before Youth and Young Adult Suicide.
(2022 Nov 9)
Psychiatr Serv
Braciszewski JM, Lanier A, Yeh HH, Sala-Hamrick K, Simon GE, Rossom RC, Lynch FL, Waring SC, Lu CY, Owen-Smith AA, Beck A, Daida YG, Maye M, Frank C, Hendriks M, Fabian N, Ahmedani BK

The effect of oxytocin nasal spray on social interaction in young children with autism: a randomized clinical trial.
(2022 Oct 27)
Mol Psychiatry
Guastella AJ, Boulton KA, Whitehouse AJO, Song YJ, Thapa R, Gregory SG, Pokorski I, Granich J, DeMayo MM, Ambarchi Z, Wray J, Thomas EE, Hickie IB

Cancer and psychiatric diagnoses in the year preceding suicide.
(2022 Sep 17)
Cancer Med
Kahn GD, Tam SH, Felton JW, Westphal J, Simon GE, Owen-Smith AA, Rossom RC, Beck AL, Lynch FL, Daida YG, Lu CY, Waring S, Frank CB, Akinyemi EO, Ahmedani BK

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