Gary Stobbe, MD


Albany Medical College Medical education, 1989
UCLA School of Medicine Internship
Veteran's Administration Medical Center Residency, Neurology

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Brief Report: Risk and Protective Factors Associated with Depressive Symptoms among Autistic Adults.
(2022 Jun)
J Autism Dev Disord 52(6): 2819-2824
Radoeva PD, Ballinger K, Ho T, Webb SJ, Stobbe GA

Provider Perspectives on the Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes Autism: Transition to Adulthood Program.
(2021 Feb-Mar 01)
J Dev Behav Pediatr 42(2): 91-100
Cheak-Zamora N, Farmer JG, Crossman MK, Malow BA, Mazurek MO, Kuhlthau K, Stobbe G, Loftin R, Mirza-Agrawal M, Tapia M, Hess A, Davis K, Sohl K

ECHO Autism Transition: Enhancing healthcare for adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorder.
(2020 Apr)
Autism 24(3): 633-644
Mazurek MO, Stobbe G, Loftin R, Malow BA, Agrawal MM, Tapia M, Hess A, Farmer J, Cheak-Zamora N, Kuhlthau K, Sohl K

Impact of Multiple Sclerosis Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) on Provider Confidence and Clinical Practice.
(2019 Jul-Aug)
Int J MS Care 21(4): 143-150
Alschuler KN, Stobbe GA, Hertz DP, Johnson KL, von Geldern G, Wundes A, Reynolds P, Unruh K, Scott JD

Lifetime exposure to ultraviolet radiation and the risk of multiple sclerosis in the US radiologic technologists cohort study.
(2019 Jul)
Mult Scler 25(8): 1162-1169
Gallagher LG, Ilango S, Wundes A, Stobbe GA, Turk KW, Franklin GM, Linet MS, Freedman DM, Alexander BH, Checkoway H

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