Felice Orlich, PhD

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Family Characteristics and Children's Receipt of Autism Services in Low-Resourced Families.
(2018 Apr)
Pediatrics 141(Suppl 4): S280-S286
Karp EA, Dudovitz R, Nelson BB, Shih W, Gulsrud A, Orlich F, Colombi C, Kuo AA

Children with autism spectrum disorder and social skills groups at school: a randomized trial comparing intervention approach and peer composition.
(2016 Feb)
J Child Psychol Psychiatry 57(2): 171-9
Kasari C, Dean M, Kretzmann M, Shih W, Orlich F, Whitney R, Landa R, Lord C, King B

The peer relationships of girls with ASD at school: comparison to boys and girls with and without ASD.
(2014 Nov)
J Child Psychol Psychiatry 55(11): 1218-25
Dean M, Kasari C, Shih W, Frankel F, Whitney R, Landa R, Lord C, Orlich F, King B, Harwood R

Caregiver-mediated intervention for low-resourced preschoolers with autism: an RCT.
(2014 Jul)
Pediatrics 134(1): e72-9
Kasari C, Lawton K, Shih W, Barker TV, Landa R, Lord C, Orlich F, King B, Wetherby A, Senturk D

Social skills training for children with autism.
(2012 Feb)
Pediatr Clin North Am 59(1): 165-74, xii
Bohlander AJ, Orlich F, Varley CK

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