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Erin Olson, PhD

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What proportion of the brain structural and functional abnormalities observed among children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is explained by their prenatal alcohol exposure and their other prenatal and postnatal risks?
Adv Pediatr Res 7():
Hemingway SJA, Davies JK, Jirikowic T, Olson EM

Long-term Risk of Neuropsychiatric Disease After Exposure to Infection In Utero.
(2019 Jun 1)
JAMA Psychiatry 76(6): 594-602
Al-Haddad BJS, Jacobsson B, Chabra S, Modzelewska D, Olson EM, Bernier R, Enquobahrie DA, Hagberg H, Östling S, Rajagopal L, Adams Waldorf KM, Sengpiel V

The Aftermath of Zika: Need for Long-Term Monitoring of Exposed Children.
(2018 Sep)
Trends Microbiol 26(9): 729-732
Adams Waldorf KM, Olson EM, Nelson BR, Little ME, Rajagopal L

Twin study confirms virtually identical prenatal alcohol exposures can lead to markedly different fetal alcohol spectrum disorder outcomes-fetal genetics influences fetal vulnerability.
Adv Pediatr Res 5(3):
Astley Hemingway SJ, Bledsoe JM, Brooks A, Davies JK, Jirikowic T, Olson EM, Thorne JC

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