Eric Boelter, PhD, BCBA-D

My clinical work focuses on the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) who engage in severe challenging behavior.  My interest in this underserved population is in the development of a continuum of care, providing evidence-based care, and in the dissemination of best practices through research and training. At the University of Washington, I work on the Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit at Seattle Children’s and lead the sub-unit that specializes in patients with IDD.


Post-doctoral Fellowship, Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins University, 2004-2007
PhD, School Psychology, University of Iowa, 1999-2004
MA, University of Northern Iowa, Clinical Psychology, 1997-1999
BS, Northern Arizona University, Psychology, 1991-1995

Department Affiliations

Training Programs

Psychology Internship Program

Other Affiliations

Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit (PBMU) at Seattle Children’s

Recent Publications

Alterations to functional analysis methodology to clarify the functions of low rate, high intensity problem behavior.
(2012 Summer)
Behav Anal Pract 5(1): 27-39
Davis BJ, Kahng S, Schmidt J, Bowman LG, Boelter EW

Reinforcement schedule thinning following functional communication training: review and recommendations.
(2011 Summer)
Behav Anal Pract 4(1): 4-16
Hagopian LP, Boelter EW, Jarmolowicz DP

Effects of preference on verification of discriminated mands.
(2011 Winter)
J Appl Behav Anal 44(4): 931-5
Boelter EW, Hagopian LP

An analysis of functional communication training as an empirically supported treatment for problem behavior displayed by individuals with intellectual disabilities.
(2011 Nov-Dec)
Res Dev Disabil 32(6): 2935-42
Kurtz PF, Boelter EW, Jarmolowicz DP, Chin MD, Hagopian LP

An evaluation of the interaction between quality of attention and negative reinforcement with children who display escape-maintained problem behavior.
(2009 Summer)
J Appl Behav Anal 42(2): 343-8
Gardner AW, Wacker DP, Boelter EW

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