Emily Neuhaus, PhD

Dr. Neuhaus has a broad research focus on social-emotional processes in individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders, particularly children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or inherited or de novo genetic events. Dr. Neuhaus’s research is informed by a number of methodological approaches, including clinical/behavioral assessment and physiological measures such as EEG and autonomic biomarkers. Dr. Neuhaus is particularly interested in how social and emotional processes relate to brain function and development, and in how they interact with one another to influence diagnostic outcomes (e.g., phenotypes within autism) and psychiatric trajectories over the course of development. Clinically, Dr. Neuhaus specializes in diagnostic assessment of ASD.


PhD Clinical Psychology, University of Washington
MA Psychology, University of Oregon
BA Psychology, University of Oregon

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Clinical Characteristics of Youth with Autism or Developmental Disability during Inpatient Psychiatric Admission.
(2022 Oct 27)
J Clin Med 11(21):
Neuhaus E, Osuna A, Tagavi DM, Shah-Hosseini S, Simmons S, Gerdts J, Thompson AD

CHD8-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder with Overgrowth.

Adam MP, Everman DB, Mirzaa GM, Pagon RA, Wallace SE, Bean LJH, Gripp KW, Amemiya A, Mitchel MW, Myers SM, Heidlebaugh AR, Taylor CM, Rea H, Neuhaus E, Kurtz-Nelson EC, Earl R, Bernier R, Ledbetter DH, Martin CL, Eichler EE

Characterizing Sleep Problems in 16p11.2 Deletion and Duplication.
(2021 Oct 11)
J Autism Dev Disord
Kamara D, De Boeck P, Lecavalier L, Neuhaus E, Beauchaine TP

Resting state EEG in youth with ASD: age, sex, and relation to phenotype.
(2021 Sep 13)
J Neurodev Disord 13(1): 33
Neuhaus E, Lowry SJ, Santhosh M, Kresse A, Edwards LA, Keller J, Libsack EJ, Kang VY, Naples A, Jack A, Jeste S, McPartland JC, Aylward E, Bernier R, Bookheimer S, Dapretto M, Van Horn JD, Pelphrey K, Webb SJ, The ACE GENDAAR Network

Language and Aggressive Behaviors in Male and Female Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
(2022 Jan)
J Autism Dev Disord 52(1): 454-462
Neuhaus E, Kang VY, Kresse A, Corrigan S, Aylward E, Bernier R, Bookheimer S, Dapretto M, Jack A, Jeste S, McPartland JC, Van Horn JD, Pelphrey K, Webb SJ, ACE GENDAAR Consortium

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