Elizabeth Jordan, MD

Recent Publications

Knowledge of Genome Sequencing and Trust in Medical Researchers Among Patients of Different Racial and Ethnic Groups With Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy.
(2022 Nov 16)
JAMA Cardiol
Ni H, Jordan E, Cao J, Kinnamon DD, Gottlieb SS, Hofmeyer M, Jimenez J, Judge DP, Kransdorf E, Morris AA, Owens A, Shah P, Tang WHW, Wang J, Hershberger RE

Comparative Study of Multimodal Therapy in Facial Palsy Patients.
(2022 Sep)
Arch Plast Surg 49(5): 633-641
Neville C, Gwynn T, Young K, Jordan E, Malhotra R, Nduka C, Kannan RY

Optimization in the Context of COVID-19 Prediction and Control: A Literature Review.
IEEE Access 9(): 130072-130093
Jordan E, Shin DE, Leekha S, Azarm S

Communal Coping as a Strategy to Enhance Family Engagement in Dilated Cardiomyopathy.
(2022 Jun)
Circ Genom Precis Med 15(3): e003541
Burke W, Hovick SR, Jordan E, Ni H, Kinnamon DD, Hershberger RE

TTR variants in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy: An investigation of the DCM Precision Medicine Study.
(2022 Jul)
Genet Med 24(7): 1495-1502
Trachtenberg BH, Jimenez J, Morris AA, Kransdorf E, Owens A, Fishbein DP, Jordan E, Kinnamon DD, Mead JO, Huggins GS, Hershberger RE, DCM Precision Medicine Study of the DCM Consortium

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