Edward Walker, MD

Personal Statement

Edward Walker, M.D., M.H.A., is the founding director of the UW Healthcare Leadership Development Alliance and a UW professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Health Services.

Dr. Walker is a seasoned physician executive and clinician who is nationally recognized for his expertise in coaching and developing physicians and senior executives both within and outside healthcare, improving clinical systems and quality measures and leading change in medical institutions.

Dr. Walker earned his M.D. from the UW. From 2002 through 2008, he was medical director of UW Medical Center and associate dean of the UW School of Medicine.


Univ. of Washington, School of Medicine Medical education, 1983
UW - Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Residency, Psychiatry
Psychiatry, 1990, American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology

Recent Publications

Proximity of Residence to Irrigation Determines Malaria Risk and Anopheles Abundance at an Irrigated Agroecosystem in Malawi.
(2021 Oct 18)
Am J Trop Med Hyg
Mangani C, Frake AN, Chipula G, Mkwaila W, Kakota T, Mambo I, Chingonda J, Mathanga D, Mzilahowa T, Zulu L, Walker E

Nonrandom Selection and Multiple Blood Feeding of Human Hosts by Anopheles Vectors: Implications for Malaria Transmission in Papua New Guinea.
(2021 Sep 27)
Am J Trop Med Hyg
Keven JB, Katusele M, Vinit R, Rodríguez-Rodríguez D, Hetzel MW, Robinson LJ, Laman M, Karl S, Foran DR, Walker ED

Nanotechnology for Targeted Detection and Removal of Bacteria: Opportunities and Challenges.
(2021 Sep 23)
Adv Sci (Weinh)
Hajipour MJ, Saei AA, Walker ED, Conley B, Omidi Y, Lee KB, Mahmoudi M

Genome Features of Asaia sp. W12 Isolated from the Mosquito Anopheles stephensi Reveal Symbiotic Traits.
(2021 May 17)
Genes (Basel) 12(5):
Chen S, Yu T, Terrapon N, Henrissat B, Walker ED

Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus in Mexican Wolf Pups at Zoo, Michigan, USA.
Emerg Infect Dis 27(4): 1173-1176
Thompson KA, Henderson E, Fitzgerald SD, Walker ED, Kiupel M

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