Edward Walker, MD

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Edward Walker, M.D., M.H.A., is the founding director of the UW Healthcare Leadership Development Alliance and a UW professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Health Services.

Dr. Walker is a seasoned physician executive and clinician who is nationally recognized for his expertise in coaching and developing physicians and senior executives both within and outside healthcare, improving clinical systems and quality measures and leading change in medical institutions.

Dr. Walker earned his M.D. from the UW. From 2002 through 2008, he was medical director of UW Medical Center and associate dean of the UW School of Medicine.


Univ. of Washington, School of Medicine Medical education, 1983
UW - Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Residency, Psychiatry
Psychiatry, 1990, American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology

Recent Publications

Temporal trends in molecular markers of drug resistance in Plasmodium falciparum in human blood and profiles of corresponding resistant markers in mosquito oocysts in Asembo, western Kenya.
(2022 Sep 13)
Malar J 21(1): 265
Zhou Z, Gimnig JE, Sergent SB, Liu Y, Abong'o B, Otieno K, Chebore W, Shah MP, Williamson J, Ter Kuile FO, Hamel MJ, Kariuki S, Desai M, Samuels AM, Walker ED, Shi YP

Ingestion of spinosad-containing toxic sugar bait alters Aedes albopictus vector competence and vectorial capacity for dengue virus.
Front Microbiol 13(): 933482
Alomar AA, Eastmond BH, Rapti Z, Walker ED, Alto BW

Variation in Susceptibility to Permethrin in Culex pipiens and Culex restuans Populations in the Great Lakes Region of the United States.
(2022 Sep 1)
J Am Mosq Control Assoc 38(3): 188-197
Dubie TR, Bartholomay L, Clifton M, Walker ED

Student loneliness through the pandemic: How, why and where?
(2022 Jun)
Geogr J 188(2): 277-293
Phillips R, Seaborne K, Goldsmith A, Curtis N, Davies A, Haynes W, McEnroe R, Murphy N, O'Neill L, Pacey C, Walker E, Wordley E

Quantitative assessment of bony orbital volume symmetry: CT analysis in the uninjured caucasian population.
(2022 Sep)
Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg 60(7): 945-950
Walker ET, Lightfoot E, Walshaw EG, Taylor R, Douglas J, Carter LM, Parmar JD

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