Douglas Bowden, MD

Personal Statement

Dr. Bowden’s major focus of interest is BrainInfo, a website that provides immediate access to neuroanatomical information for neuroscientists, clinicians, and students. BrainInfo defines and displays images of some 3,000 brain structures of  human and nonhuman primates and explains some 18,000 neuroanatomical terms using a standard nomenclature. A part of the website, NeuroMaps, allows neuroscientists to map data to standard brain atlases of the macaque and mouse to produce figures for presentation and publication. You can obtain more information about BrainInfo by visiting BrainInfo at​


Psychophysiology , Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia , 1961-1962
Primate Behavior , Max-Planck Institute for Psychiatry, Munich, Germany , 1964
Pediatrics , Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY , 1965-1966
MD , Medicine , Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA , 1959-1965
B.A. , Psychology , Harvard University, Cambridge, MA , 1955-1959

Recent Publications

Editorial: The HPA axis and aging: individual features, age-related pathology.
Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) 14(): 1222033
Goncharova N, Bowden D, Johnson E

Mapping reward mechanisms by intracerebral self-stimulation in the rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta).
(2021 Nov)
J Comp Neurol 529(16): 3564-3592
Bowden DM, German DC

The INIA19 Template and NeuroMaps Atlas for Primate Brain Image Parcellation and Spatial Normalization.
Front Neuroinform 6(): 27
Rohlfing T, Kroenke CD, Sullivan EV, Dubach MF, Bowden DM, Grant KA, Pfefferbaum A

NeuroNames: an ontology for the BrainInfo portal to neuroscience on the web.
(2012 Jan)
Neuroinformatics 10(1): 97-114
Bowden DM, Song E, Kosheleva J, Dubach MF

A symmetrical Waxholm canonical mouse brain for NeuroMaps.
(2011 Feb 15)
J Neurosci Methods 195(2): 170-5
Bowden DM, Johnson GA, Zaborsky L, Green WD, Moore E, Badea A, Dubach MF, Bookstein FL

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