Denise Chang, MD

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As a consulting psychiatrist working in the Behavioral Health Integration Program, I work in an Integrated Care model where I work closely with primary care providers, social workers and other clinical staff members to help provide evidence-based mental health care in an outpatient primary care setting. This collobaration between providers allows for improved access to mental health care that is patient-centered and focuses on whole person care. Through my work in Integrated Care, I have also developed an interest in Population Health, with a particular desire to improve our population approach to mental health conditions. It has been a privilege to work with an interdiplinary team of providers who are dedicated to delivering quality mental health care for all of our patients.​​


MD, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, 2003-2007
Psychiatry Residency Training, University of Washington, 2007-2011
Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship, University of Washington, 2011-2012

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Transforming Population-Based Depression Care: a Quality Improvement Initiative Using Remote, Centralized Care Management.
(2020 Aug 31)
J Gen Intern Med
Chang D, Carlo AD, Khor S, Drake L, Lee ES, Avery M, Unützer J, Flum DR

Anesthetic management of pediatric patients with Niemann-Pick disease type C for intrathecal 2-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin injection.
(2020 Jul)
Paediatr Anaesth 30(7): 766-772
Ulloa ML, Froyshteter AB, Kret LN, Chang DP, Sarah GE, McCarthy RJ, Barnes SD, Berry-Kravis EM

Sustaining the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM): Billing Newly Available CoCM CPT Codes in an Academic Primary Care System.
(2020 Sep 1)
Psychiatr Serv 71(9): 972-974
Carlo AD, Drake L, Ratzliff ADH, Chang D, Unützer J

Pre-Outplacement Perceptions of Dental Students Regarding Rural Oral Health Practice and Associated Factors.
(2020 Feb 23)
Dent J (Basel) 8(1):
Abuzar M, Crombie F, Bishara K, Bryan A, Chan K, Chang B, Chang D, Cheng WE, Chu R

Dog erythrocyte antigens 1.1, 1.2, 3, 4, 7, and Dal blood typing and cross-matching by gel column technique.
(2010 Sep)
Vet Clin Pathol 39(3): 306-16
Kessler RJ, Reese J, Chang D, Seth M, Hale AS, Giger U

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