Deepa Rao, PhD, MA

Personal Statement

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor in the Departments of Global Health and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA. My professional interests are in designing effective interventions to improve mental health and reduce stigma for people with various conditions such as breast cancer, HIV, diabetes, and depression.

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Recent Publications

Nervous System Sampling for General Toxicity and Neurotoxicity Studies in Rabbits.
(2020 Oct 23)
Toxicol Pathol
Pardo ID, Rao DB, Morrison JP, Huddleston C, Bradley AE, Bolon B, Garman RH

Patient-level predictors of detection of depressive symptoms, referral, and uptake of depression counseling among chronic care patients in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
Glob Ment Health (Camb) 7(): e18
Kemp CG, Mntambo N, Bachmann M, Bhana A, Rao D, Grant M, Hughes JP, Simoni JM, Weiner BJ, Gigaba SG, Luvuno ZPB, Petersen I

Proliferative and Nonproliferative Lesions of the Rat and Mouse Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems: New and Revised INHAND Terms.
(2020 Sep 10)
Toxicol Pathol
Bradley AE, Bolon B, Butt MT, Cramer SD, Czasch S, Garman RH, George C, Gröters S, Kaufmann W, Kovi RC, Krinke G, Little PB, Narama I, Rao DB, Sharma AK, Shibutani M, Sills R

Effect of a Collaborative Care Model on Depressive Symptoms and Glycated Hemoglobin, Blood Pressure, and Serum Cholesterol Among Patients With Depression and Diabetes in India: The INDEPENDENT Randomized Clinical Trial.
(2020 Aug 18)
JAMA 324(7): 651-662
Ali MK, Chwastiak L, Poongothai S, Emmert-Fees KMF, Patel SA, Anjana RM, Sagar R, Shankar R, Sridhar GR, Kosuri M, Sosale AR, Sosale B, Rao D, Tandon N, Narayan KMV, Mohan V, INDEPENDENT Study Group.

The Epidemiology of HIV Among People Born Outside the United States, 2010-2017.
(2020 Sep/Oct)
Public Health Rep 135(5): 611-620
Kerani RP, Satcher Johnson A, Buskin SE, Rao D, Golden MR, Hu X, Hall HI

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