David D. Luxton, PhD, MS

My primary areas of research include Artificial intelligence, AI/machine ethics, behavioral health technologies, telemedicine, telehealth, forensic psychology, and military and Veteran population health.  I’ve consulted widely on the topic of military and veteran health and technology in healthcare and have helped to develop national guidelines for telemental health, clinical best practices for technology-based treatments, and standards for human-AI interaction transparency.  My vision is to build, and help others to build, technologies that help promote behavioral change and that improve the lives of people.

Training Programs

Psychiatry Residency Training Program – Scholarship of Discovery and Integration Mentor

Recent Publications

AI decision-support: a dystopian future of machine paternalism?
(2022 Apr)
J Med Ethics 48(4): 232-233
Luxton DD

Sensor, Wearable, and Remote Patient Monitoring Competencies for Clinical Care and Training: Scoping Review.
J Technol Behav Sci 6(2): 252-277
Hilty DM, Armstrong CM, Edwards-Stewart A, Gentry MT, Luxton DD, Krupinski EA

Ethical implications of conversational agents in global public health.
(2020 Apr 1)
Bull World Health Organ 98(4): 285-287
Luxton DD

Implementation and Evaluation of Videoconferencing for Forensic Competency Evaluation.
(2020 Jul)
Telemed J E Health 26(7): 929-934
Luxton DD, Niemi J

Caring E-mails for Military and Veteran Suicide Prevention: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
(2020 Feb)
Suicide Life Threat Behav 50(1): 300-314
Luxton DD, Smolenski DJ, Reger MA, Relova RMV, Skopp NA

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