David Breiger, PhD

Personal Statement

I study brain behavior relationships in children and adolescents following treatment for brain tumors and cancer.


Ph.D. , Developmental Clinical Neuropsychology , University of Houston , 1986

Department Affiliations

Other Affiliations

Neuropsychological Consultation Service
Training Clinic

Recent Publications

Association Between Maternal Fluoride Exposure and Child IQ.
(2020 Feb 1)
JAMA Pediatr 174(2): 213
Bledsoe J, Breiger D, McKeever J

Differential trajectories of neurocognitive functioning in females versus males following treatment for pediatric brain tumors.
(2019 Oct 9)
Neuro Oncol 21(10): 1310-1318
Bledsoe JC, Breiger D, Breiger M, Shonka S, Ermoian RP, Ojemann JG, Werny DM, Leary SES, Geyer JR

Trajectories of child and caregiver psychological adjustment in families of children with cancer.
(2018 Aug)
Health Psychol 37(8): 725-735
Katz LF, Fladeboe K, King K, Gurtovenko K, Kawamura J, Friedman D, Compas B, Gruhn M, Breiger D, Lengua L, Lavi I, Stettler N

Trajectories of marital, parent-child, and sibling conflict during pediatric cancer treatment.
(2018 Aug)
Health Psychol 37(8): 736-745
Katz LF, Fladeboe K, Lavi I, King K, Kawamura J, Friedman D, Compas B, Breiger D, Lengua L, Gurtovenko K, Stettler N

Patterns of Spillover Between Marital Adjustment and Parent-Child Conflict During Pediatric Cancer Treatment.
(2018 Aug 1)
J Pediatr Psychol 43(7): 769-778
Fladeboe K, Gurtovenko K, Keim M, Kawamura J, King KM, Friedman DL, Compas BE, Breiger D, Lengua LJ, Katz LF

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