Daniel Krashin

Personal Statement

Dr. Daniel Krashin is an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington working in Psychiatry and Pain Medicine. He works with both inpatient and outpatient pain patients, clinics and hospital staff to collaborate on treatment of patients, but also works on improving systems of care delivery to benefit patients and populations across the continuum of care.  Dr. Krashin has extensive experience working with underserved and vulnerable populations including the chronically mentally ill, recent immigrants, and HIV patients in the treatment of both psychiatric illness and chronic pain.  He has lectured extensively and authored a number of publications in the areas of pain management, comorbid pain and psychiatric disorders, substance abuse in the setting of pain treatment, and pharmacology of opioids and other pain relieving medications. He works closely with residents and pain fellows and participates in teaching the future generations of psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, and pain providers. He is board certified in both Psychiatry and Pain Medicine.​

Teaching Philosophy

The medical environment is changing faster and more dramatically now than ever before.  Instead of training a new generation who will go out and follow my instructions, I need to help them build a structure of knowledge that they can keep revising and adding to for the rest of their professional lives.

Recent Publications

Combining Procedural and Behavioral Treatments for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Pilot Feasibility Randomized Controlled Trial.
(2023 Jun 5)
Tanus AD, Nishio I, Williams R, Friedly J, Soares B, Anderson D, Bambara J, Dawson T, Hsu A, Kim PY, Krashin D, Piero LD, Korpak A, Timmons A, Suri P

The Utility of a Novel, Combined Biofeedback-Virtual Reality Device as Add-on Treatment for Chronic Migraine: A Randomized Pilot Study.
(2023 Jun 1)
Clin J Pain 39(6): 286-296
Cuneo A, Yang R, Zhou H, Wang K, Goh S, Wang Y, Raiti J, Krashin D, Murinova N

An Acute Pain Service experience initiating methadone for opioid use disorder in hospitalized patients with acute pain.
(2019 Jul/Aug)
J Opioid Manag 15(4): 275-283
Dale RC, Metcalf CL, Langford DJ, Bockman CE, Gordon DB, Krashin DL, Peperzak KA, Breuner AK, Accardi-Ravid MC, Lesnik IK

Opioid Guidelines Are a Necessary Response to the Opioid Crisis.
(2018 Jun)
Clin Pharmacol Ther 103(6): 946-949
Ballantyne JC, Murinova N, Krashin DL

The role of opioid analgesia in treating chronic pain.
(2017 Sep 2)
Br J Hosp Med (Lond) 78(9): C130-C134
Murinova N, Krashin D, Ballantyne J

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