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Daina Tagavi, PhD

My work focuses on the development, dissemination, and implementation of tools for the assessment and treatment of autism spectrum disorder. I am also interested in transdiagnostic interventions for autism spectrum disorder to increase efficacy for individuals and families, as well as access to care. My clinical pursuits include conducting diagnostic evaluations for autism for youth of all ages, as well as running groups and classes for autistic individuals and their families.


PhD, Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology (Clinical Emphasis), University of California, Santa Barbara, 2021
MA, Counseling Psychology, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2018
MA, Psychology, Boston University, 2014
BA, Psychology, Pepperdine University, 2013

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Recent Publications

"On an island by myself": implications for the inclusion of autistic students in self-contained classrooms in public elementary schools.
Front Psychiatry 14(): 1241892
Ahlers K, Hugh ML, Tagavi D, Eayrs C, Hernandez AM, Ho T, Locke J

Concordance of multiple informant assessment of school-based social skills intervention and association with child outcomes: Results from a randomized trial.
(2023 Jan-Dec)
Implement Res Pract 4(): 26334895231154289
Tagavi DM, Ahlers K, Bravo A, McVey AJ, Locke J

Caregiver Attributions of Toddlers' Behaviors: A Comparison Between Groups of Children with Differing Developmental Concerns.
(2024 Mar)
J Autism Dev Disord 54(3): 983-996
Tagavi DM, Benavidez HR, Kalmus TC, Perryman CC, Stone WL

Clinical Characteristics of Youth with Autism or Developmental Disability during Inpatient Psychiatric Admission.
(2022 Oct 27)
J Clin Med 11(21):
Neuhaus E, Osuna A, Tagavi DM, Shah-Hosseini S, Simmons S, Gerdts J, Thompson AD

The implementation of the screening tool for autism in toddlers in Part C early intervention programs: An 18-month follow-up.
(2023 Jan)
Autism 27(1): 173-187
Tagavi DM, Dick CC, Attar SM, Ibanez LV, Stone WL

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