Craig Jaffe, MD

Personal Statement

I am a senior psychiatrist at the Harborview Psychiatric Emergency Services.  Caring for patients in a high-acuity setting is my specialty.  I find this highly rewarding and appreciate that that even small interventions can yield significant steps forward in someone’s recovery.


Univ. of Washington, School of Medicine Medical education, 2001
VAMC-Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship Program Fellowship, Addiction Psychiatry
UW - Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Residency, Psychiatry

Recent Publications

Changes in Diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer Among Medicaid Beneficiaries Following Medicaid Expansion.
(2020 Nov 1)
JAMA Surg 155(11): 1080-1081
Schuman AD, Spector ME, Jaffe CA, Shuman AG, Chinn SB, Regenbogen SE, Rosko AJ

From Their Perspective: The Connection between Life Stressors and Health Care Service Use Patterns of Homeless Frequent Users of the Emergency Department.
(2019 May 1)
Health Soc Work 44(2): 113-122
Moore M, Conrick KM, Reddy A, Allen A, Jaffe C

Hypothyroidism and Wound Healing After Salvage Laryngectomy.
(2018 May)
Ann Surg Oncol 25(5): 1288-1295
Rosko AJ, Birkeland AC, Bellile E, Kovatch KJ, Miller AL, Jaffe CC, Shuman AG, Chinn SB, Stucken CL, Malloy KM, Moyer JS, Casper KA, Prince MEP, Bradford CR, Wolf GT, Chepeha DB, Spector ME

Painful losses.
(2016 Oct)
J Hosp Med 11(10): 730-734
Wesorick DH, Brotman DJ, Jaffe C, Berg A, Chan MP, Houchens N

Open trial of injectable risperidone for methamphetamine dependence.
(2009 Jun)
J Addict Med 3(2): 55-65
Meredith CW, Jaffe C, Cherrier M, Robinson JP, Malte CA, Yanasak EV, Kennedy A, Ferguson LC, Tapp AM, Saxon AJ

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