Craig Jaffe, MD

Personal Statement

I am a senior psychiatrist at the Harborview Psychiatric Emergency Services. Caring for patients in a high-acuity setting is my specialty. I find this highly rewarding and appreciate that that even small interventions can yield significant steps forward in someone’s recovery.


Univ. of Washington, School of Medicine Medical education, 2001
VAMC-Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship Program Fellowship, Addiction Psychiatry
UW - Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Residency, Psychiatry

Recent Publications

From Their Perspective: The Connection between Life Stressors and Health Care Service Use Patterns of Homeless Frequent Users of the Emergency Department.
(2019 May 1)
Health Soc Work 44(2): 113-122
Moore M, Conrick KM, Reddy A, Allen A, Jaffe C

Open trial of injectable risperidone for methamphetamine dependence.
(2009 Jun)
J Addict Med 3(2): 55-65
Meredith CW, Jaffe C, Cherrier M, Robinson JP, Malte CA, Yanasak EV, Kennedy A, Ferguson LC, Tapp AM, Saxon AJ

An open-label pilot study of risperidone in the treatment of methamphetamine dependence.
(2007 Jun)
J Psychoactive Drugs 39(2): 167-72
Meredith CW, Jaffe C, Yanasak E, Cherrier M, Saxon AJ

Single dose of 24 milligrams of buprenorphine for heroin detoxification: an open-label study of five inpatients.
(2006 Dec)
J Psychoactive Drugs 38(4): 505-12
Ang-Lee K, Oreskovich MR, Saxon AJ, Jaffe C, Meredith C, Ellis ML, Malte CA, Knox PC

A comparison of methamphetamine-dependent inpatients childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptomatology.
J Addict Dis 24(3): 133-52
Jaffe C, Bush KR, Straits-Troster K, Meredith C, Romwall L, Rosenbaum G, Cherrier M, Saxon AJ

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