Ann Cotton

Personal Statement

I am a Clinical Psychologist working in the Addiction Treatment Center, VA Puget Sound Healthcare System, Seattle Division since 2000. I work primarily on the Opiate Use DIsorder treamtent team (ATC Team 1) with both male and female Veterans on pharmacological maintenance therapy (methadone, buprenorphine, or naloxone).  I am on faculty for the Seattle VA Psychology Training Program, Seattle VA CESATE Multidisciplinary Fellowship Program, and UW Psychiatry Residency Program as a clincal supervisor for psychotherapy.

Recent Publications

Optimizing Nutrition for the Surgical Patient: An Evidenced Based Update to Dispel Five Common Myths in Surgical Nutrition Care.
(2018 Jun 1)
Am Surg 84(6): 831-835
Hartwell JL, Cotton A, Rozycki G

Methadone "callbacks" within a veterans affairs opioid treatment program: Detecting methadone misuse.
(2017 Jan)
Am J Addict 26(1): 50-52
Cotton AJ, Shipley LJ, Glynn LH, Tracy J, Saxon AJ

Nutrition support therapy in acute kidney injury: distinguishing dogma from good practice.
(2009 Aug)
Curr Gastroenterol Rep 11(4): 325-31
Gervasio JM, Cotton AB

Dissolution of a harm reduction track for opiate agonist treatment: longitudinal impact on treatment retention, substance use and service utilization.
(2010 Jan)
Int J Drug Policy 21(1): 82-5
Hartzler B, Cotton AJ, Calsyn DA, Guerra R, Gignoux E

Medical nutrition therapy when kidney disease meets liver failure.
(2007 Nov-Dec)
Nephrol Nurs J 34(6): 661-2
Cotton AB

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