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Ann Cotton

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I am a Clinical Psychologist working in the Addiction Treatment Center, VA Puget Sound Healthcare System, Seattle Division since 2000. I work primarily on the Opiate Use Disorder treatment team (ATC Team 1) with both male and female Veterans on pharmacological maintenance therapy (methadone, buprenorphine, or naloxone). I am on faculty for the Seattle VA Psychology Training Program, Seattle VA CESATE Multidisciplinary Fellowship Program, and UW Psychiatry Residency Program as a clinical supervisor for psychotherapy.

Recent Publications

Extended-release buprenorphine outcomes among treatment resistant veterans.
(2022 May 4)
Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse 48(3): 334-337
Cotton AJ, Lo K, Kurtz FB, Waldbauer L

Nutrition therapy in the critically injured adult patient: A Western Trauma Association critical decisions algorithm.
(2021 Nov 1)
J Trauma Acute Care Surg 91(5): 909-915
Hartwell JL, Peck KA, Ley EJ, Brown CVR, Moore EE, Sperry JL, Rizzo AG, Rosen NG, Brasel KJ, Weinberg JA, de Moya MA, Inaba K, Cotton A, Martin MJ

Early Achievement of Enteral Nutrition Protein Goals by Intensive Care Unit Day 4 is Associated With Fewer Complications in Critically Injured Adults.
(2021 Dec 1)
Ann Surg 274(6): e988-e994
Hartwell JL, Cotton A, Wenos CD, Timsina L, Zarzaur BL, Rozycki G

Optimizing Nutrition for the Surgical Patient: An Evidenced Based Update to Dispel Five Common Myths in Surgical Nutrition Care.
(2018 Jun 1)
Am Surg 84(6): 831-835
Hartwell JL, Cotton A, Rozycki G

Methadone "callbacks" within a veterans affairs opioid treatment program: Detecting methadone misuse.
(2017 Jan)
Am J Addict 26(1): 50-52
Cotton AJ, Shipley LJ, Glynn LH, Tracy J, Saxon AJ

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