Brian Coleman, MD

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Chicago Medical School (UHS) Medical education, 1978
Oregon Health & Science University Internship
UW - Dept. of Psychiatry-Residency Residency

Recent Publications

ICD-10 Coding of Musculoskeletal Conditions in the Veterans Health Administration.
(2021 May 3)
Pain Med
Coleman BC, Goulet JL, Higgins DM, Bathulapalli H, Kawecki T, Ruser CB, Bastian LA, Martino S, Piette JD, Edmond SN, Heapy AA

Correlates of Manual Therapy and Acupuncture Use Among Rural Patients Seeking Conventional Pain Management: A Cross-sectional Study.
(2021 May)
J Manipulative Physiol Ther 44(4): 330-343
Feinberg TM, Coleman B, Innes KE, Kerns RD, Jackson B, Lisi A, Majoris N, Brandt C

Exploring the application of the Charlson Comorbidity Index to assess the patient population seen in a Veterans Affairs chiropractic residency program.
(2021 Oct 1)
J Chiropr Educ 35(2): 199-204
Ly VT, Coleman BC, Coulis CM, Lisi AJ

Pivoting to virtual delivery for managing chronic pain with nonpharmacological treatments: implications for pragmatic research.
(2021 Jun 1)
Pain 162(6): 1591-1596
Fritz JM, Davis AF, Burgess DJ, Coleman B, Cook C, Farrokhi S, Goertz C, Heapy A, Lisi AJ, McGeary DD, Rhon DI, Taylor SL, Zeliadt S, Kerns RD

Adapting to disruption of research during the COVID-19 pandemic while testing nonpharmacological approaches to pain management.
(2020 Oct 8)
Transl Behav Med 10(4): 827-834
Coleman BC, Kean J, Brandt CA, Peduzzi P, Kerns RD

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