Seema Clifasefi, PhD

Personal Statement

My research lies at the intersection of substance use, mental health, criminal justice and housing policy, with an emphasis on populations with lived experience of homelessness, substance use and/or involvement in the criminal justice system. Since 2006, I have been part of a collaborative academic and community-based research team evaluating the effects of Housing First, which entails the provision of immediate, permanent, low-barrier, nonabstinence-based housing to individuals with the lived experience of homelessness and alcohol problems.

I am committed to and passionate about social and racial justice and her career path reflects this commitment. My most recent work focuses on the development, evaluation, and dissemination of a comprehensive, multi-dimensional program that aims to improve alcohol, health, and quality of life related outcomes for this population. Ultimately, through my work, I hope to help create positive social change by promoting understanding and compassion across different demographic and socio-economic class systems.

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Characterizing components of and attendance at resident-driven Housing First programming in the context of community-based participatory research.
(2020 Dec 10)
J Community Psychol
Collins SE, Goldstein SC, King VL, Orfaly VE, Gu J, Clark A, Vess A, Lee G, Taylor EM, Fentress T, Braid AK, Clifasefi SL

The life-enhancing alcohol-management program: Results from a 6-month nonrandomized controlled pilot study assessing a community based participatory research program in housing first.
(2020 Apr)
J Community Psychol 48(3): 763-776
Clifasefi SL, Collins SE, LEAP Advisory Board.

Harm reduction treatment for smoking (HaRT-S): findings from a single-arm pilot study with smokers experiencing chronic homelessness.
Subst Abus 40(2): 229-239
Collins SE, Nelson LA, Stanton J, Mayberry N, Ubay T, Taylor EM, Hoffmann G, Goldstein SC, Saxon AJ, Malone DK, Clifasefi SL, Okuyemi K, HaRT-S Community Advisory Board.

Randomized controlled trial of harm reduction treatment for alcohol (HaRT-A) for people experiencing homelessness and alcohol use disorder.
(2019 May)
Int J Drug Policy 67(): 24-33
Collins SE, Clifasefi SL, Nelson LA, Stanton J, Goldstein SC, Taylor EM, Hoffmann G, King VL, Hatsukami AS, Cunningham ZL, Taylor E, Mayberry N, Malone DK, Jackson TR

Community-based participatory research (CBPR): Towards equitable involvement of community in psychology research.
(2018 Oct)
Am Psychol 73(7): 884-898
Collins SE, Clifasefi SL, Stanton J, The Leap Advisory Board, Straits KJE, Gil-Kashiwabara E, Rodriguez Espinosa P, Nicasio AV, Andrasik MP, Hawes SM, Miller KA, Nelson LA, Orfaly VE, Duran BM, Wallerstein N

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