Christopher Varley, MD

Personal Statement

My primary  interest is Graduate Medical Education and Faculty Development in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. I was the program  director for the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry residency at the UWSOM for 32  years. I am now the Director of Education and Faculty  Development in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. My clinical interests are in pediatric psychopharmacology, particularly  re ADHD. 


Child Psychiatry, UW School of Medicine, 1976-1978
Pediatrics, Mount Zion, San Francisco, 1973-1974
Psychiatry, UW School of Medicine, 1974-1977
MD, UW School of Medicine, 1969-1973
BA, Biology, Whitman College, 1965-1969

Department Affiliations

Other Affiliations

Consultation and Liaison Service (C/L) – Seattle Children’s Hospital
Training Clinic
Emergency Department Extension – Seattle Children’s Hospital

Teaching Philosophy

My educational aims are to promote compassionate and patient centered care, at the same time incorporating the best  evidence based practices. It is increasingly clear that there are many more youth with mental health disorders than can be served by the numbers on child and adolescent psychiatrists in the United States and around the world. Development of effective integrated care models which extends the scope of child psychiatry expertise via collaboration with primary care and other health care system is critically important. ​

Recent Publications

Preparing Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists for the Future of our Field: in Defense of "Slow Tracking".
(2022 Feb)
Acad Psychiatry 46(1): 82-84
Simmons S, Anzia J, Hsiao RC, Varley CK

Experiences with the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Milestones: Results of Two Nationwide Surveys.
(2018 Aug)
Acad Psychiatry 42(4): 464-468
Simmons SW, Varley CK, Hunt J

The AADPRT Position on Resident Duty Hours in the Learning and Working Environment.
(2016 Aug)
Acad Psychiatry 40(4): 637-41
Boland RJ, Walaszek A, Bentman A, DeJong SM, Travis MJ, Sudak DM, Brenner AM, Varley CK

Statement Regarding the National Resident Matching Program Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Match: A Call to Uphold the Gentlepersons' Agreement.
(2016 Jun)
Acad Psychiatry 40(3): 552-4
Joshi SV, Stock S, Adams A, Gleason MM, Varley CK

General and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Resident Training in Integrated Care: a Survey of Program Directors.
(2015 Aug)
Acad Psychiatry 39(4): 442-7
Reardon CL, Bentman A, Cowley DS, Dunaway K, Forstein M, Girgis C, Han J, Hung E, Jones J, Keeble T, McCarron RM, Varley CK

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