Catherine McCall, MD

Recent Publications

Agreement of sleep specialists with registered nurses' sleep study orders in supervised clinical practice.
(2020 Feb 15)
J Clin Sleep Med 16(2): 279-283
Donovan LM, Fernandes LA, Williams KM, Parsons EC, O'Hearn DJ, He K, McCall CA, Johnson KA, Kennedy MW, Syed AS, Thompson WH, Spece LJ, Feemster LC, Kirsh S, Au DH, Palen BN

Sleepiness and Driving: Benefits of Treatment.
(2019 Dec)
Sleep Med Clin 14(4): 469-478
McCall CA, Watson NF

Sleep duration and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms: a twin study.
(2019 Dec 24)
Sleep 42(12):
McCall CA, Turkheimer E, Tsang S, Avery A, Duncan GE, Watson NF

Respiratory-Related Leg Movements of Sleep Are Associated With Serotonergic Antidepressants But Not Bupropion.
(2018 Sep 15)
J Clin Sleep Med 14(9): 1569-1576
McCall CA, Winkelman JW

Qualitative meta-synthesis: the experience of chronic pain across conditions.
(2017 May)
J Adv Nurs 73(5): 1004-1016
Crowe M, Whitehead L, Seaton P, Jordan J, Mccall C, Maskill V, Trip H

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