Brooke Rosen, MD

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Recent Publications

The prospective impact of adverse childhood experiences on justice-involved youth's psychiatric symptoms and substance use.
(2021 Jun)
J Consult Clin Psychol 89(6): 483-498
Folk JB, Ramos LMC, Bath EP, Rosen B, Marshall BDL, Kemp K, Brown L, Conrad S, Tolou-Shams M

Effect of Age on Psychiatric Rehospitalization Rates After Electroconvulsive Therapy for Patients With Depression.
(2016 Jun)
J ECT 32(2): 93-8
Rosen BH, Kung S, Lapid MI

Improvements in depression severity in hospitalized patients with and without borderline personality features.
(2015 May)
J Psychiatr Pract 21(3): 208-13
Yoshimatsu K, Rosen BH, Kung S, Palmer BA

Baseline screening tools as indicators for symptom outcomes and health services utilization in a collaborative care model for depression in primary care: a practice-based observational study.
(2014 Nov-Dec)
Gen Hosp Psychiatry 36(6): 563-9
Shippee ND, Rosen BH, Angstman KB, Fuentes ME, DeJesus RS, Bruce SM, Williams MD

Neural circuitry of masked emotional face processing in youth with bipolar disorder, severe mood dysregulation, and healthy volunteers.
(2014 Apr)
Dev Cogn Neurosci 8(): 110-20
Thomas LA, Brotman MA, Bones BL, Chen G, Rosen BH, Pine DS, Leibenluft E

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