Brittney Hultgren, PhD

I am interested in assessing risky alcohol and substance use and related consequences in young adults, with a specific focus on impaired driving-related behaviors. My work has mostly utilized a behavioral decision-making approach to understand factors that influence young adults’ decisions to engage in risky behaviors. I am also interested in developing and adapting prevention and intervention programs to reduce alcohol and substance use and consequences.

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Recent Publications

Emotion-based decision-making as a predictor of alcohol-related consequences in college students.
(2021 Aug 10)
Addict Behav 124(): 107083
McClain LM, Hultgren BA, Geisner IM, Mallett KA, Turrisi R, Larimer ME

Alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine use as predictors of impaired driving and riding with an impaired driver among college students who engage in polysubstance use.
(2021 Sep)
Accid Anal Prev 160(): 106341
Hultgren BA, Waldron KA, Mallett KA, Turrisi R

The link between planning and doing: Daily-level associations between college students' plans for and use of alcohol-related protective behavioral strategies.
(2021 Aug)
Psychol Addict Behav 35(5): 577-586
Fairlie AM, Hultgren BA, Lewis MA, Lee CM

Examining protocol compliance and self-report congruence between daily diaries and event-contingent ecological momentary assessments of college student drinking.
(2020 Nov)
Addict Behav 110(): 106471
Hultgren BA, Scaglione NM, Buben A, Turrisi R

An Examination of Parental Permissiveness of Alcohol Use and Monitoring, and Their Association with Emerging Adult Drinking Outcomes Across College.
(2019 Apr)
Alcohol Clin Exp Res 43(4): 758-766
Mallett KA, Turrisi R, Reavy R, Russell M, Cleveland MJ, Hultgren B, Larimer ME, Geisner IM, Hospital M

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