Brian Saelens

Recent Publications

Development of a Tailored Behavioral Weight Loss Program for Veterans With PTSD (MOVE!+UP): A Mixed-Methods Uncontrolled Iterative Pilot Study.
(2020 Mar 12)
Am J Health Promot
Hoerster KD, Tanksley L, Simpson T, Saelens BE, Unützer J, Black M, Greene P, Sulayman N, Reiber G, Nelson K

The potential of a year-round school calendar for maintaining children's weight status and fitness: Preliminary outcomes from a natural experiment.
(2020 Jan)
J Sport Health Sci 9(1): 18-27
Weaver RG, Hunt E, Rafferty A, Beets MW, Brazendale K, Turner-McGrievy G, Pate RR, Maydeu-Olivares A, Saelens B, Youngstedt S

Family Encouragement of Healthy Eating Predicts Child Dietary Intake and Weight Loss in Family-Based Behavioral Weight-Loss Treatment.
(2020 Apr)
Child Obes 16(3): 218-225
Rotman SA, Fowler LA, Ray MK, Stein RI, Hayes JF, Kolko RP, Balantekin KN, Engel A, Saelens BE, Welch RR, Perri MG, Epstein LH, Wilfley DE

Two Approaches to Increase Physical Activity for Preschool Children in Child Care Centers: A Matched-Pair Cluster-Randomized Trial.
(2019 Oct 21)
Int J Environ Res Public Health 16(20):
Tandon PS, Downing KL, Saelens BE, Christakis DA

Higher residential and employment densities are associated with more objectively measured walking in the home neighborhood.
(2019 Mar)
J Transp Health 12(): 142-151
Huang R, Moudon AV, Zhou C, Saelens BE

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