Brian Saelens

Recent Publications

Assessing Parent Decisions About Child Participation in a Behavioral Health Intervention Study and Utility of Informed Consent Forms.
(2020 Jul 1)
JAMA Netw Open 3(7): e209296
Kraft SA, Porter KM, Duenas DM, Sullivan E, Rowland M, Saelens BE, Wilfond BS, Shah SK

Child neurobiology impacts success in family-based behavioral treatment for children with obesity.
(2020 Jul 26)
Int J Obes (Lond)
Schur EA, Melhorn SJ, Scholz K, De Leon MRB, Elfers CT, Rowland MG, Saelens BE, Roth CL

Residential neighborhood features associated with objectively measured walking near home: Revisiting walkability using the Automatic Context Measurement Tool (ACMT).
(2020 May)
Health Place 63(): 102332
Mooney SJ, Hurvitz PM, Moudon AV, Zhou C, Dalmat R, Saelens BE

Development of a Tailored Behavioral Weight Loss Program for Veterans With PTSD (MOVE!+UP): A Mixed-Methods Uncontrolled Iterative Pilot Study.
(2020 Jul)
Am J Health Promot 34(6): 587-598
Hoerster KD, Tanksley L, Simpson T, Saelens BE, Unützer J, Black M, Greene P, Sulayman N, Reiber G, Nelson K

The potential of a year-round school calendar for maintaining children's weight status and fitness: Preliminary outcomes from a natural experiment.
(2020 Jan)
J Sport Health Sci 9(1): 18-27
Weaver RG, Hunt E, Rafferty A, Beets MW, Brazendale K, Turner-McGrievy G, Pate RR, Maydeu-Olivares A, Saelens B, Youngstedt S

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