Brian Poeschla, MD

Personal Statement

My primary interests are in diagnostic evaluation, psychiatric methods, psychosomatic medicine, fatigue syndromes, pain disorders, abnormal illness behaviors, and human temperament and personality.  I have conducted research jointly with colleagues at the University of Washington and the University of Washington Twin Registry on chronic widespread pain, depression and related phenomena.   

Recent Publications

Dexamethasone-suppressed Salivary Cortisol and Pain Sensitivity in Female Twins.
(2017 Mar)
Clin J Pain 33(3): 246-253
Godfrey KM, Herbert M, Strachan E, Mostoufi S, Crofford LJ, Buchwald D, Poeschla B, Succop A, Afari N

Familial Contributions to Self-Reported Sleep and Pain in Female Twins.
(2016 Jan)
Pain Med 17(1): 33-9
Godfrey KM, Strachan E, Mostoufi S, Poeschla B, Succop A, Afari N

Clinical and evoked pain, personality traits, and emotional states: can familial confounding explain the associations?
(2015 Jan)
J Psychosom Res 78(1): 58-63
Strachan E, Poeschla B, Dansie E, Succop A, Chopko L, Afari N

Salivary cortisol and cold pain sensitivity in female twins.
(2014 Apr)
Ann Behav Med 47(2): 180-8
Godfrey KM, Strachan E, Dansie E, Crofford LJ, Buchwald D, Goldberg J, Poeschla B, Succop A, Noonan C, Afari N

Chronic fatigue and personality: a twin study of causal pathways and shared liabilities.
(2013 Jun)
Ann Behav Med 45(3): 289-98
Poeschla B, Strachan E, Dansie E, Buchwald DS, Afari N

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