Beatriz Carlini, PhD, MPH

I am a Research Scientist at the Addiction, Drug & Alcohol Institute where I lead the Cannabis Research and Education Workgroup, a team that systematically interacts with state and county agencies and community coalitions, with the purpose of supporting the adoption of evidence-base policies and interventions. I have published extensively in peer-reviewed journals, secured research funds both as Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator, and have collaborated with colleagues from various U.S. universities and abroad.

I have also interest and research experience in tobacco control. I currently teach Tobacco and Health-related Disparities for the Master Program at UW School of Public Health where I have been an Affiliate Associate Professor since 2015.

A little bit about my trajectory: I obtained my PhD in Social Psychology in my home country, Brazil. As a faculty in the University of Sao Paulo Preventive Medicine Department, my professional life was dedicated to research and service disparate populations, such as street kids and substance-using youth. As an academic of a developing nation, I had the honor to collaborate internationally and serve in various World Health Organization working groups and committees.

After moving to the United States in 2000, I obtained a Master of Public Health at UW, with an emphasis in Social and Behavioral Sciences. This second degree provided me with the skills and the contextual perspective to successfully transition my professional focus from health care disparities in developing nations to the inequities experienced by historically marginalized communities living in the richest and most powerful country on Earth, the U.S. As a dual citizen, I consider inequity, racism, discrimination and stigma as important determinants of addiction and substance use in an increased globalized world.

I prefer the pronouns she, her, hers.

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UW School of Public Health, Health Systems and Population Health

Recent Publications

Retail cannabis environment and adolescent use: The role of advertising and retailers near home and school.
(2022 May)
Health Place 75(): 102795
Firth CL, Carlini B, Dilley J, Guttmannova K, Hajat A

Cannabis Industry Marketing Violations in Washington State, 2014-2019.
(2022 Jan)
J Stud Alcohol Drugs 83(1): 18-26
Carlini BH, Garrett S, Firth C, Pinsky I

Cannabis Retail Staff ("Budtenders") Attitudes Towards Cannabis Effects on Health and Experiences Interacting with Consumers - Washington State, USA.
(2022 Jan-Mar)
J Psychoactive Drugs 54(1): 34-42
Carlini BH, Garrett SB, Firth C, Harwick R

Understanding the intergenerational transmission of substance use and problem behavior: Implications for future research and preventive interventions.
(2020 Dec)
Psychol Addict Behav 34(8): 894-897
Haggerty KP, Carlini BH

Marijuana Use and Adherence to Smoking Cessation Treatment Among Callers to Tobacco Quitlines.
(2020 Sep 10)
Prev Chronic Dis 17(): E102
Carpenter KM, Torres AJ, Salmon EE, Carlini BH, Vickerman KA, Schauer GL, Bush T

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