Barbara McCann, PhD

Personal Statement

I am interested in mood and anxiety disorders, and the intersection of these with chronic medical illnesses. My approach to treatment is integrative. Working within a cognitive-behavioral framework, I use many traditional CBT methods, but also include hypnosis, mindfulness training, and concepts from third-generation cognitive and behavioral methods.

Department Affiliations

Teaching Philosophy

​I teach psychiatry and psychology residents, and medical students. These learners are highly motivated people who have made enormous personal sacrifices to reach this level of training. As such, I treat them with the utmost dignity and respect, and I regard it as the highest honor to teach them.  I do not view my role as that of “expert;” rather, I am an experienced guide on a journey in which I point out that which is familiar to me, while gathering and sharing new experiences and insights along the way. Their questions and observations enrich my journey.

Recent Publications

A pilot survey of clinicians' experiences, attitudes, and interests in hypnosis.
(2022 Jan)
Am J Clin Hypn 64(3): 239-247
Stein MV, McCann BS

Eating disorder symptoms, including avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder, in patients with disorders of gut-brain interaction.
(2021 Oct 24)
Neurogastroenterol Motil
Burton Murray H, Riddle M, Rao F, McCann B, Staller K, Heitkemper M, Zia J

Supplementing Psychiatry Resident Training with a Tiered Psychotherapy Pathway.
(2021 Apr)
Acad Psychiatry 45(2): 200-202
Pellegrino LD, Chang SK, Alexander C, McCann BS

Intensive Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Adherence Program During Stroke Rehabilitation.
(2019 Jul)
Stroke 50(7): 1895-1897
Khot S, Barnett H, Davis A, Siv J, Crane D, Kunze A, Li Lue D, Bunnell A, McCann B, Bombardier C, Longstreth WT Jr, Watson N, Billings M

The effects of roadway and built environment characteristics on pedestrian fatality risk: A national assessment at the neighborhood scale.
(2018 Dec)
Accid Anal Prev 121(): 166-176
Mansfield TJ, Peck D, Morgan D, McCann B, Teicher P

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