Ann Vander Stoep, PhD

Personal Statement

‚ÄčAs a child psychiatric epidemiologist, I conduct research about the etiology of child and adolescent mental health conditions and about the effectiveness of interventions that are designed to address these conditions. I co-direct the Developmental Pathways Research Program, the centerpiece of which is the Developmental Pathways Project, a longitudinal study of a cohort of 521 adolescents recruited as 11-12 year-olds from Seattle public middle schools. Members of the cohort are currently undergoing their eighth assessment that has followed their mental health and associated factors from early adolescence through young adulthood. DPP has contributed to our understanding of the development of co-morbid depression and conduct problems, as well as antecedents and consequences of problem substance use. I have collaborated with intervention researchers to develop and test school-based interventions to address mental health problems that interfere with academic performance and social well-being and to conduct randomized controlled trials of interventions that extend the reach of child mental health services to underserved communities.

I teach public mental health research methods to graduate students at the University of Washington and to faculty and trainees with an research interest in mental health at the University of Nairobi in Kenya. I provide research mentorship to many UW masters and doctoral students in epidemiology and health services and to junior faculty in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. 

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Mother's and Father's Serious Mental Illness and Risk of Child Injury in a Taiwanese Birth Cohort.
(2022 Sep 12)
J Clin Psychiatry 83(6):
Yang SW, Kernic MA, Mueller BA, Simon GE, Chan KG, Vander Stoep A

Psychiatric Diagnoses in Children With CKD Compared to the General Population.
(2022 Jun)
Kidney Med 4(6): 100451
Stahl JL, Wightman AG, Flythe JE, Weiss NS, Hingorani SR, Stoep AV

Baseline situational analysis in Bangladesh, Jordan, Paraguay, the Philippines, Ukraine, and Zimbabwe for the WHO Special Initiative for Mental Health: Universal Health Coverage for Mental Health.
PLoS One 17(3): e0265570
Kemp CG, Concepcion T, Ahmed HU, Anwar N, Baingana F, Bennett IM, Bruni A, Chisholm D, Dawani H, Erazo M, Hossain SW, January J, Ladyk-Bryzghalova A, Momotaz H, Munongo E, Oliveira E Souza R, Sala G, Schafer A, Sukhovii O, Taboada L, Van Ommeren M, Vander Stoep A, Vergara J, Waters C, Kestel D, Collins PY

Latent classes of oppositional defiant disorder in adolescence and prediction to later psychopathology.
(2023 May)
Dev Psychopathol 35(2): 730-748
Racz SJ, McMahon RJ, Gudmundsen G, McCauley E, Vander Stoep A

Associations between Sex, Rumination, and Depressive Symptoms in Late Adolescence: A Four-Year Longitudinal Investigation.
(2023 Sep 3)
J Clin Child Adolesc Psychol 52(5): 675-685
Dawson GC, Adrian M, Chu P, McCauley E, Vander Stoep A

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