Amy Curtis, MD

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Recent Publications

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Self-Reported Postpartum Depression Symptoms (SRPDS) in Hawai'i, 2012-2015.
(2020 May 1)
Hawaii J Health Soc Welf 79(5): 153-160
Fok CCT, Hayes DK, Curtis AB, Nihoa WK, Shim MJ

Improving Dose Calculation Pass Rates With Peer Tutoring.
(2019 Mar 1)
J Nurs Educ 58(3): 188
Brown LG, Curtis A, Harris LC

Geospatial Analysis of Birth Records to Target Programming for Mothers With Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Michigan, 2013.
(2019 Jan/Feb)
Public Health Rep 134(1): 27-35
MacQuillan E, Curtis A, Baker K, Paul R

Systematic review of the impact of arts for health activities on health, wellbeing and quality of life of older people living in care homes.
(2018 Aug)
Dementia (London) 17(6): 645-669
Curtis A, Gibson L, O'Brien M, Roe B

Assessing the association of diabetes self-management education centers with age-adjusted diabetes rates across U.S.: Aspatial cluster analysis approach.
(2018 Feb)
Spat Spatiotemporal Epidemiol 24(): 53-62
Paul R, Lim CY, Curtis AB, Maiti T, Baker KM, Mantilla LB, MacQuillan EL

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