Amy Burns, MD

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Adding Cognitive Remediation to Employment Support Services: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
(2022 Sep 6)
Psychiatr Serv
Burns AMN, Erickson DH

A Case of Potential Pharmacokinetic Kratom-drug Interactions Resulting in Toxicity and Subsequent Treatment of Kratom Use Disorder With Buprenorphine/Naloxone.
(2022 Feb 14)
J Addict Med
Brogdon HD, McPhee MM, Paine MF, Cox EJ, Burns AG

Optimizing the Impact of Pragmatic Clinical Trials for Veteran and Military Populations: Lessons From the Pain Management Collaboratory.
(2022 Jul 1)
Mil Med 187(7-8): 179-185
Ali J, Antonelli M, Bastian L, Becker W, Brandt CA, Burgess DJ, Burns A, Cohen SP, Davis AF, Dearth CL, Dziura J, Edwards R, Erdos J, Farrokhi S, Fritz J, Geda M, George SZ, Goertz C, Goodie J, Hastings SN, Heapy A, Ilfeld BM, Katsovich L, Kerns RD, Kyriakides TC, Lee A, Long CR, Luther SL, Martino S, Matheny ME, McGeary D, Midboe A, Pasquina P, Peduzzi P, Raffanello M, Rhon D, Rosen M, Esposito ER, Scarton D, Hastings SN, Seal K, Silliker N, Taylor S, Taylor SL, Tsui M, Wright FS, Zeliadt S

Retargeting azithromycin analogues to have dual-modality antimalarial activity.
(2020 Sep 29)
BMC Biol 18(1): 133
Burns AL, Sleebs BE, Siddiqui G, De Paoli AE, Anderson D, Liffner B, Harvey R, Beeson JG, Creek DJ, Goodman CD, McFadden GI, Wilson DW

The Mechanism of Vesicle Solubilization by the Detergent Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate.
(2020 Oct 6)
Langmuir 36(39): 11499-11507
Juan-Colás J, Dresser L, Morris K, Lagadou H, Ward RH, Burns A, Tear S, Johnson S, Leake MC, Quinn SD

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