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Alison Ward, PhD

Recent Publications

lncRNA-gene network analysis reveals the effects of early maternal nutrition on mineral homeostasis and energy metabolism in the fetal liver transcriptome of beef heifers.
(2024 Jun 13)
J Nutr Biochem
Anas M, Ward AK, McCarthy KL, Borowicz PP, Reynolds LP, Caton JS, Dahlen CR, Diniz WJS

Disrupted one-carbon metabolism in heifers negatively affects their health and physiology.
(2024 Jan 3)
J Anim Sci 102():
Crouse MS, Trotta RJ, Freetly HC, Lindholm-Perry AK, Neville BW, Oliver WT, Hammer CJ, Syring JG, King LE, Neville TL, Reynolds LP, Dahlen CR, Caton JS, Ward AK, Cushman RA

A feasibility and pilot study of a "lifelong learning" intervention for people with dementia.
(2024 May 1)
Pilot Feasibility Stud 10(1): 69
Soerensen AL, Thoft DS, Ward A, Campbell J

Influence of Maternal Nutrition and One-Carbon Metabolites Supplementation during Early Pregnancy on Bovine Fetal Small Intestine Vascularity and Cell Proliferation.
(2024 Mar 23)
Vet Sci 11(4):
Daneshi M, Borowicz PP, Entzie YL, Syring JG, King LE, Safain KS, Anas M, Reynolds LP, Ward AK, Dahlen CR, Crouse MS, Caton JS

Sex-specific disparities in patients undergoing isolated CABG.
(2023 Nov)
Am Heart J Plus 35(): 100334
Dassanayake MT, Norton EL, Ward AF, Wenger NK

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