Alison Ward, PhD

Recent Publications

Expression, Regulation, and Function of β-Defensins in the Bovine Mammary Glands: Current Knowledge and Future Perspectives.
(2023 Oct 31)
Animals (Basel) 13(21):
Daneshi M, Caton JS, Caixeta LS, Eftekhari Z, Ward AK

Sequencing and culture-based characterization of the vaginal and uterine microbiota in beef cattle that became pregnant or remained open following artificial insemination.
(2023 Nov 3)
Microbiol Spectr
Webb EM, Holman DB, Schmidt KN, Pun B, Sedivec KK, Hurlbert JL, Bochantin KA, Ward AK, Dahlen CR, Amat S

Developing a dementia friendly approach to consent in dementia research.
(2023 Oct 26)
Aging Ment Health
Pyer M, Ward A

Eblasakimab, a novel IL-13 receptor alpha 1 monoclonal antibody, blocks STAT6 phosphorylation with low dose in human volunteers.
(2023 Aug)
Clin Immunol 253(): 109677
Cevikbas F, Ward A, Firth C, Veverka K

Trends in surgical aortic valve replacement in pre- and post-transcatheter aortic valve replacement eras at a structural heart center.
Front Cardiovasc Med 10(): 1103760
Norton EL, Ward AF, Tully A, Leshnower BG, Guyton RA, Paone G, Keeling WB, Miller JS, Halkos ME, Grubb KJ

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