Alison Ward, PhD

Recent Publications

Influence of COVID-19 Building Restrictions on Physical Activity Promotion Through Increased Stair Use and Limited Elevator Access: A Quasi-Experimental Study-Sport and Physical Activity Group Active Campus Project.
(2021 Oct 25)
J Phys Act Health
Ryan DJ, Elliott-King J, Ward A

Sexual health service adaptations to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic in Australia: a nationwide online survey.
(2021 Sep 2)
Aust N Z J Public Health
Phillips TR, Fairley CK, Donovan B, Ong JJ, McNulty A, Marshall L, Templeton DJ, Owen L, Ward A, Gunathilake M, Russell D, Langton-Lockton J, Bourne C, Martin S, Chow EPF

Perceptions of Training Pathways from Recent Cardiothoracic Surgery Graduates.
(2021 Jul 29)
Heart Surg Forum 24(4): E684-E689
Ward A, Ranganath NK, Chen S, Wallen T, Kent AJ, Smith Iii DE, Kon ZN

Commentary: Watch out for WATCHMAN device failures.
(2020 Dec)
JTCVS Tech 4(): 165-166
Ward AF, Lee R

Assessing people with dementia participating in cognitive stimulation activities-A qualitative pilot video analysis exploring the importance of facilitating the participation.
(2021 Aug)
Health Expect 24(4): 1524-1534
Thoft DS, Ottesen AC, Jensen AM, Ward A

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