Alana J. McVey, PhD

My work is focused on developing, delivering, and testing interventions to address mood and anxiety concerns among autistic young people.


Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Washington, 2021–2023
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of British Columbia, 2020–2021
Clinical Psychology Resident, University of California Los Angeles, 2019–2020
PhD, Clinical Psychology, Marquette University, 2016–2020
MS, Clinical Psychology, Marquette University 2014–2016
BS, Psychology, Loyola University Chicago, 2005–2009

Department Affiliations

Other Affiliations

Seattle Children’s Autism Center

Recent Publications

The ethical imperative to honor autistic clients' autonomy in mental health treatment.
Front Psychiatry 14(): 1259025
McVey AJ, Glaves KJ, Seaver S, Casagrande KA

Mindshift in autism: a call to professionals in research, clinical, and educational settings.
Front Psychiatry 14(): 1251058
McVey AJ, Jones DR, Waisman TC, Raymaker DM, Nicolaidis C, Maddox BB

Trajectory research in children with an autism diagnosis: A scoping review.
(2023 May 16)
Gentles SJ, Ng-Cordell EC, Hunsche MC, McVey AJ, Bednar ED, Chen YJ, Duku E, Kerns CM, Banfield L, Szatmari P, Georgiades S

Concordance of multiple informant assessment of school-based social skills intervention and association with child outcomes: Results from a randomized trial.
(2023 Jan-Dec)
Implement Res Pract 4(): 26334895231154289
Tagavi DM, Ahlers K, Bravo A, McVey AJ, Locke J

Examining clinical characteristics of autism and links with parent perceptions of sibling relationship quality.
(2023 Feb)
Autism 27(2): 309-320
McVey AJ, Liu Q, Bedford SA, Zaidman-Zait A, Szatmari P, Smith IM, Vaillancourt T, Zwaigenbaum L, Bennett T, Duku E, Elsabbagh M, Georgiades S, Kerns CM

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