Abigail Schindler, PhD

Personal Statement

I am interested in traumatic stress and its comorbidities (e.g. affective disorders, substance abuse, metabolic dys-function, neurodegeneration). Using an iterative translation approach, we utilize both human and animal populations and focus on reciprocal connections between the brain and peripheral organs (e.g. liver, gut, lymph) in order to under-stand adverse outcomes of traumatic stress from a systems biology standpoint. We are especially interested in under-standing the role of monoamines (e.g. dopamine, seroto-nin) and neuromodulators (e.g. opioids, cytokines). We uti-lize computational medicine approaches (e.g. machine learning, big data, electronic health records, biomarkers) and are committed to open source science. Schindler Iterative Translation Lab Website

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Socially Integrated Polysubstance (SIP) system: An open-source solution for continuous monitoring of polysubstance fluid intake in group housed mice.
(2023 May 5)
Addict Neurosci 7():
Wong K, Wang ZC, Patarino M, Baskin B, Lee SJ, Schindler AG

Instability in longitudinal sleep duration predicts cognitive impairment in aged participants of the Seattle Longitudinal Study.
(2023 Aug 4)
Keil SA, Schindler AG, Wang MX, Piantino J, Silbert LC, Elliott JE, Thomas RG, Willis S, Lim MM, Iliff JJ

Sexually dimorphic development of the mesolimbic dopamine system is associated with nuanced sensitivity to adolescent alcohol use.
Front Behav Neurosci 17(): 1124979
Asarch AM, Kruse LC, Schindler AG, Phillips PEM, Clark JJ

Timing matters: Sex differences in inflammatory and behavioral outcomes following repetitive blast mild traumatic brain injury.
(2023 May)
Brain Behav Immun 110(): 222-236
Baskin BM, Logsdon AF, Janet Lee S, Foresi BD, Peskind E, Banks WA, Cook DG, Schindler AG

The dynorphin/kappa opioid receptor mediates adverse immunological and behavioral outcomes induced by repetitive blast trauma.
(2022 Dec 3)
J Neuroinflammation 19(1): 288
Lee SJ, Logsdon AF, Yagi M, Baskin BM, Peskind ER, Raskind MM, Cook DG, Schindler AG

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