Research & Innovation

Using Science to Change the World

Our researchers are making tremendous progress in understanding and treating brain health, mental illnesses, and addiction problems. We work to create faster, more effective and better- targeted interventions for the most challenging mental health and addiction problems and work to rapidly disseminate and implement them in diverse health care settings, helping millions of people lead fulfilling and productive lives.

We start with understanding the brain at a basic level, making discoveries that lead to better treatments for mental disorders, substance use, and chronic pain problems. Our nationally recognized research programs study basic and clinical neurosciences, molecular biology and genetics, neuro-imaging, epidemiology, autism, addictions, trauma, head injury, chronic pain, serious and persistent mental illnesses, health services, integrated care, dissemination and implementation research. We are committed to team science and the concept of translational research, making sure that the discoveries we make in the lab are turned into effective treatments that reach those in need. We are proud of our strong tradition of interdisciplinary collaboration and we have a shared passion for training and inspiring the next generation of research scientists.