New Population Mental Health Rotation will pilot next year

Department news | May 27, 2021

The Psychiatry Residency Program is excited to launch a new Population Mental Health Rotation next year thanks to a generous donation from The Quell Foundation. The gift will support the development and implementation of a population mental health curriculum for psychiatry residents that focuses on the delivery of mental health care to a population of patients.

Our Department is a global leader in developing and implementing new approaches and technologies that leverage existing psychiatrists and connect people suffering with mental illness to mental health specialists and care. The Quell Foundation gift will ensure that research and clinical advances in population-based mental health care reaches new psychiatrists just beginning their career.

Residents will be taught how to deliver mental health and suicide prevention using integrated care models and tele-behavioral health. The rotation will be piloted at the University of Washington and once finalized, made publicly available to any residency program interested in implementing the rotation.

The delivery of population-level mental health care improves access to care for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) populations, groups that disproportionately receive no or ineffective care. The rotation will teach psychiatrists how to assess the psychiatry and suicide prevention needs of the organizations they work with including the populations they serve and the social determinants of health most relevant to the populations.