Trauma Recovery Innovations

The Program for Trauma Recovery Innovations (TRI) develops and tests accessible treatments for mental health concerns resulting from trauma exposure.

Main Challenge

Although trauma exposure is common and associated with tremendous societal and personal costs, existing effective treatments do not reach patients where they show up for healthcare, take too long for many patients to complete and are complicated to learn and deliver.

Our Approach

  • We study novel ways of delivering interventions and rebuild existing interventions from the ground up to make them easier to learn and deliver.
  • We create treatments that are simpler and more brief, that use modalities outside of a therapist’s office to get care, or that use task sharing to help get more people access to treatment.
  • We create treatments that are easier to use and sustain in real world settings across the globe.

Trauma Recovery Innovations
1100 NE 45th Street, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98105