Scott Michael

Personal Statement

Dr. Michael specializes in evidence-based psychotherapies for PTSD. He works clinically in the PTSD Outpatient Clinic at VA Puget Sound HCS. He is a national trainer and consultant in Prolonged Exposure for PTSD. In addition, he is the Local Evidence-Based Psychotherapies Coordinator for VA Puget Sound and is the Lead Coordinator for the Northwest Region. He is on the teacher-clinician pathway with a focus on training and supervision primarily in evidence-based psychotherapy for PTSD with a secondary interest in exposure therapies for other anxiety disorders such as OCD, panic disorder and social anxiety disorder.

Recent Publications

Factors Facilitating and Hindering Development of a Medication Use Review Service in Eastern Europe and Iran-Cross-Sectional Exploratory Study.
(2021 Sep 14)
Healthcare (Basel) 9(9):
Tuula A, Volmer D, Jõhvik L, Rutkovska I, Trečiokienė I, Merks P, Waszyk-Nowaczyk M, Drozd M, Tatarević A, Radovanlija M, Pacadi C, Meštrović A, Viola R, Soós G, Rais C, Táerel AE, Kuzelova M, Zare M, Peymani P, Oona M, Scott M

The 'medically unexplained symptoms' syndrome concept and the cognitive-behavioural treatment model.
(2021 Sep 23)
J Health Psychol
Scott MJ, Crawford JS, Geraghty KJ, Marks DF

Monitoring work and training load in military settings - what's in the toolbox?
(2021 Sep 21)
Eur J Sport Sci
Michael SW, Siddall AG, O'Leary TJ, Groeller H, Sampson JA, Blacker SD, Drain JR

Association of Regional Wall Shear Stress and Progressive Ascending Aorta Dilation in Bicuspid Aortic Valve.
(2021 Aug 11)
JACC Cardiovasc Imaging
Soulat G, Scott MB, Allen BD, Avery R, Bonow RO, Malaisrie SC, McCarthy P, Fedak PWM, Barker AJ, Markl M

Enhanced recovery after surgery: The road to improve peri-operative care globally.
(2021 Sep 1)
Eur J Anaesthesiol 38(9): 905-907
de Boer HD, Fawcett WJ, Scott MJ

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