Scott Michael

Personal Statement

Dr. Michael specializes in evidence-based psychotherapies for PTSD. He works clinically in the PTSD Outpatient Clinic at VA Puget Sound HCS. He is a national trainer and consultant in Prolonged Exposure for PTSD. In addition, he is the Local Evidence-Based Psychotherapies Coordinator for VA Puget Sound and is the Lead Coordinator for the Northwest Region. He is on the teacher-clinician pathway with a focus on training and supervision primarily in evidence-based psychotherapy for PTSD with a secondary interest in exposure therapies for other anxiety disorders such as OCD, panic disorder and social anxiety disorder.

Recent Publications

Measuring the Internal Stress in Ovine Meniscus During Simulated In Vivo Gait Kinematics: A Novel Method Using Fibre Optic Technology.
(2020 Oct 22)
Ann Biomed Eng
Vakiel P, Dennison CR, Shekarforoush M, Scott M, Hart DA, Shrive NG

Mapping Stresses on the Tibial Plateau Cartilage in an Ovine Model Using In-Vivo Gait Kinematics.
(2020 Oct 22)
Ann Biomed Eng
Vakiel P, Shekarforoush M, Dennison CR, Scott M, Muench G, Hart DA, Shrive NG

Weekly vagal modulations and their associations with physical fitness and physical activity.
(2020 Oct 19)
Eur J Sport Sci
Medeiros AR, Leicht AS, Michael S, Boullosa D

Chest radiograph at admission predicts early intubation among inpatient COVID-19 patients.
(2020 Oct 13)
Eur Radiol
Xiao N, Cooper JG, Godbe JM, Bechel MA, Scott MB, Nguyen E, McCarthy DM, Abboud S, Allen BD, Parekh ND

Postoperative MR imaging surveillance of pediatric craniopharyngioma: new institutional guidelines.
(2020 Oct 3)
Childs Nerv Syst
Fouda MA, Day EL, Staffa SJ, Scott RM, Marcus KJ, Baird LC

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