Scott Michael

Personal Statement

Dr. Michael specializes in evidence-based psychotherapies for PTSD. He works clinically in the PTSD Outpatient Clinic at VA Puget Sound HCS. He is a national trainer and consultant in Prolonged Exposure for PTSD. In addition, he is the Local Evidence-Based Psychotherapies Coordinator for VA Puget Sound and is the Lead Coordinator for the Northwest Region. He is on the teacher-clinician pathway with a focus on training and supervision primarily in evidence-based psychotherapy for PTSD with a secondary interest in exposure therapies for other anxiety disorders such as OCD, panic disorder and social anxiety disorder.

Recent Publications

Use of the six core surgical indicators from the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery in Colombia: a situational analysis.
(2020 May)
Lancet Glob Health 8(5): e699-e710
Hanna JS, Herrera-Almario GE, Pinilla-Roncancio M, Tulloch D, Valencia SA, Sabatino ME, Hamilton C, Rehman SU, Mendoza AK, Gómez Bernal LC, Salas MFM, Navarro MAP, Nemoyer R, Scott M, Pardo-Bayona M, Rubiano AM, Ramirez MV, Londoño D, Dario-Gonzalez I, Gracias V, Peck GL

Stress Measurements on the Articular Cartilage Surface Using Fiber Optic Technology and In-Vivo Gait Kinematics.
(2020 Apr 27)
Ann Biomed Eng
Vakiel P, Shekarforoush M, Dennison CR, Scott M, Frank CB, Hart DA, Shrive NG

Proteoglycan-4 and hyaluronan composition in synovial fluid and serum from clinical equine subjects: relationship to cartilage boundary lubrication and viscosity of synovial fluid.
(2020 Apr 20)
Connect Tissue Res
Matheson A, Regmi SC, Martin-Alarcon L, Jay GD, Scott WM, Schmidt TA

Dopamine Signaling in the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Enables Weight Gain Associated with Hedonic Feeding.
(2020 Apr 6)
Curr Biol 30(7): 1352-1355
Grippo RM, Tang Q, Zhang Q, Chadwick SR, Gao Y, Altherr EB, Sipe L, Purohit AM, Purohit NM, Sunkara MD, Cios KJ, Sidikpramana M, Spano AJ, Campbell JN, Steele AD, Hirsh J, Deppmann CD, Wu M, Scott MM, Güler AD

In Memoriam.
(2020 Mar)
Vet Clin Pathol 49(1): 6-7
Wilkerson MJ, Ameri M, Scott MA

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