Pamela Collins, MD, MPH

Personal Statement

I come to UW after nearly eight years of leadership at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) where I led the development of new funding initiatives for research or research training opportunities in mental health services research in low- and middle-income countries and mental health disparities research in the US, building a robust and growing portfolio in global mental health and creating a pathway to independence for young investigators while also stimulating research in US underserved populations. My current global mental health projects include work in sub-Saharan Africa.

Department Affiliations


Recent Publications

Stigma and utilization of treatment for adolescent perinatal depression in Ibadan Nigeria.
(2020 May 14)
BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 20(1): 294
Kola L, Bennett IM, Bhat A, Ayinde OO, Oladeji BD, Abiona D, Abdumalik J, Faregh N, Collins PY, Gureje O

Integrating Urban Adolescent Mental Health Into Urban Sustainability Collective Action: An Application of Shiffman & Smith's Framework for Global Health Prioritization.
Front Psychiatry 11(): 44
Murphy LE, Jack HE, Concepcion TL, Collins PY

Global goals and suicide prevention in the Circumpolar North.
(2020 Jan-Feb)
Indian J Psychiatry 62(1): 7-14
Pollock NJ, Apok C, Concepcion T, Delgado RA Jr, Rasmus S, Chatwood S, Collins PY

Leveraging collaborative care to improve access to mental health care on a global scale.
(2020 Feb)
World Psychiatry 19(1): 36-37
Unützer J, Carlo AD, Collins PY

Integrated care for people with long-term mental and physical health conditions in low-income and middle-income countries.
(2019 Feb)
Lancet Psychiatry 6(2): 174-186
Thornicroft G, Ahuja S, Barber S, Chisholm D, Collins PY, Docrat S, Fairall L, Lempp H, Niaz U, Ngo V, Patel V, Petersen I, Prince M, Semrau M, Unützer J, Yueqin H, Zhang S

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