Nina de Lacy, MD, MBA

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I am a Child and Adolescent psychiatrist who specializes in working with individuals who have genetic disorders affecting brain development as well as complex neuropsychaitric conditions such as catatonia, narcolepsy and autoimmune encephalopathy. I practice at Seattle Children’s Hospital, where I co-run the Developmental Neuropsychiatry program within the division of Neurodevelopmental Medicine. This clinic provides integrated psychiatric and neurodevelopmental pediatric care for children with genetic conditions and brain malformations. I also serve as the psychiatrist within the multidisciplinary 22q clinic in Craniofacial Medicine, and provide consultation to community mental health organizations.

My research is funded by a K-award from the NIH and is in the area of systems and computational neuroscience, using primarily functional MRI and genomic data in both very large datasets and small, well-defined cohorts. My work focuses on exploring patterns and constraints in human brain organization and function, and the role of the large scale neural networks in symptoms associated with developmental neuropsychiatric disorders such as autism, intellectual disability and ADHD. The overall aim of my research is to isolate motifs that are specific to neuropsychiatric functions and symptoms that may help further our model of brain-behavior correspondences, serve as potential diagnostic and treatment targets, and advance our understanding of the mechanisms of developmental neuropsychiatric disorders.


Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, UW, 2014-2016
General Psychiatry, UW, 2011-2014
MD, UCSF, 2006-2011
MBA, Northwestern University, 1993-1996
MA, Oxford University, 1985-1989

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Recent Publications

Sex/gender differences in the neural substrate of long-term memory.
(2021 Jan 31)
Cogn Neurosci
de Lacy N

KSADS-COMP Perspectives on Child Psychiatric Diagnostic Assessment and Treatment Planning.
(2020 Dec 29)
J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry
Kaufman J, Kobak K, Birmaher B, de Lacy N

Sex-related differences in brain dynamism at rest as neural correlates of positive and negative valence system constructs.
(2020 Jul 26)
Cogn Neurosci
de Lacy N, Kutz JN, Calhoun VD

Sex-related differences in intrinsic brain dynamism and their neurocognitive correlates.
(2019 Nov 15)
Neuroimage 202(): 116116
de Lacy N, McCauley E, Kutz JN, Calhoun VD

Multilevel Mapping of Sexual Dimorphism in Intrinsic Functional Brain Networks.
Front Neurosci 13(): 332
de Lacy N, McCauley E, Kutz JN, Calhoun VD

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