Nicholas Weiss, MD

Personal Statement

I have served in varied research, clinical and teaching roles throughout youth mental health care in California, Washington and Costa Rica. My current academic focus is the utilization of outcomes research to guide state youth mental health policy, particularly for juvenile justice involved youth with both mental health and substance abuse disorders. Additional interests include Latino children’s mental health, the role of parent partners in youth behavioral healthcare, and the psychosocial management of psychotic symptoms in children.


Medical school: Harvard Medical School, Boston
Residency: Psychiatry, University of California - San Francisco
Fellowship: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of California - San Francisco and University of Washington

Department Affiliations

Other Affiliations

Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit (PBMU) – Seattle Children’s Hospital
Partnership Access Line (PAL) – Seattle Children’s Hospital

Recent Publications

Does Experience Matter? Paramedic Cardiac Resuscitation Experience Effect on Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Outcomes.
(2018 May-Jun)
Prehosp Emerg Care 22(3): 332-337
Weiss N, Ross E, Cooley C, Polk J, Velasquez C, Harper S, Walrath B, Redman T, Mapp J, Wampler D

Morel-LAvallee lesion initially diagnosed as quadriceps contusion: ultrasound, MRI, and importance of early intervention.
(2015 May)
West J Emerg Med 16(3): 438-41
Weiss NA, Johnson JJ, Anderson SB

Social impact bonds: behavioral health opportunities.
(2014 Nov)
JAMA Pediatr 168(11): 985-6
Trupin E, Weiss N, Kerns SE

Prevalence and clinical correlates of explosive outbursts in Tourette syndrome.
(2013 Feb 28)
Psychiatry Res 205(3): 269-75
Chen K, Budman CL, Diego Herrera L, Witkin JE, Weiss NT, Lowe TL, Freimer NB, Reus VI, Mathews CA

[Prevalence of and screening for ADHD in Costa Rica].
(2011 Sep-Oct)
Vertex 22(99): 337-42
Berrocal M, Peskin V, Weiss N, Schuler J, Monge S, McGough JJ, Chavira D, Bagnarello M, Herrera LD, Mathews CA

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