Michael V. Vitiello, PhD

Personal Statement

I am an internationally recognized expert in sleep, circadian rhythms and sleep disorders in aging. My research efforts focus on the causes, consequences and treatments of disturbed sleep, circadian rhythms and cognition in older adults. Some of my most current work focuses on improving the cognitive function of health older adults and in older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment using growth hormone releasing hormone and improving the sleep and pain of osteoarthritis patients with comorbid insomnia using cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Recent Publications

Short-term Improvements in Insomnia or Pain Predict Long-term Improvements in Sleep, Pain, Depression, and Fatigue in Older Adults with Co-Morbid Osteoarthritis Pain and Insomnia.
(2021 Sep 13)
Vitiello MV, Zhu W, Von Korff M, Wellman R, Morin CM, Yeung K, McCurry SM

A Feasibility Study of Primary Care Liaisons: Linking Older Adults to Community Resources.
(2021 Sep 5)
Am J Prev Med
Boll AM, Ensey MR, Bennett KA, O'Leary MP, Wise-Swanson BM, Verrall AM, Vitiello MV, Cochrane BB, Phelan EA

Increased use of digital tools in sleep disorders research in response to the COVID-19 challenge: implications for the present and future.
(2021 Aug 18)
Sleep Med
Hao F, Ren R, Zhang Y, Vitiello MV, Tang X

Daily-level effects of alcohol, marijuana, and simultaneous use on young adults' perceived sleep health.
(2021 Jul 22)
Graupensperger S, Fairlie AM, Vitiello MV, Kilmer JR, Larimer ME, Patrick ME, Lee CM

Eight-week high-intensity interval training is associated with improved sleep quality and cardiorespiratory fitness in patients with depressive disorders.
(2021 May 27)
Sleep Breath
Jahrami H, BaHammam AS, Stubbs B, Sabah A, Saif Z, Bragazzi NL, Vitiello MV

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