Michael V. Vitiello, PhD

Personal Statement

I am an internationally recognized expert in sleep, circadian rhythms and sleep disorders in aging. My research efforts focus on the causes, consequences and treatments of disturbed sleep, circadian rhythms and cognition in older adults. Some of my most current work focuses on improving the cognitive function of health older adults and in older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment using growth hormone releasing hormone and improving the sleep and pain of osteoarthritis patients with comorbid insomnia using cognitive behavioral therapy.

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

The Association between Symptoms of Nomophobia, Insomnia and Food Addiction among Young Adults: Findings of an Exploratory Cross-Sectional Survey.
(2021 Jan 15)
Int J Environ Res Public Health 18(2):
Jahrami H, Abdelaziz A, Binsanad L, Alhaj OA, Buheji M, Bragazzi NL, Saif Z, BaHammam AS, Vitiello MV

Even good things must change: Thank yous and welcomes.
(2021 Feb)
Sleep Med Rev 55(): 101401
Vitiello MV

Maintaining a tradition of excellence.
(2021 Feb)
Sleep Med Rev 55(): 101396
Vitiello MV

Sleep problems during COVID-19 pandemic by population: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
(2020 Oct 27)
J Clin Sleep Med
Jahrami H, BaHammam AS, Bragazzi NL, Saif Z, Faris M, Vitiello MV

Polygenic evidence and overlapped brain functional connectivities for the association between chronic pain and sleep disturbance.
(2020 Jul 24)
Transl Psychiatry 10(1): 252
Sun J, Yan W, Zhang XN, Lin X, Li H, Gong YM, Zhu XM, Zheng YB, Guo XY, Ma YD, Liu ZY, Liu L, Gao JH, Vitiello MV, Chang SH, Liu XG, Lu L

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