Maggie Stoeckel, PhD

Recent Publications

NICH at Its Best for Diabetes at Its Worst: Texting Teens and Their Caregivers for Better Outcomes.
(2017 May)
J Diabetes Sci Technol 11(3): 468-475
Wagner DV, Barry SA, Stoeckel M, Teplitsky L, Harris MA

Texting Adolescents in Repeat DKA and Their Caregivers.
(2016 Jul)
J Diabetes Sci Technol 10(4): 831-9
Wagner DV, Barry S, Teplitsky L, Sheffield A, Stoeckel M, Ogden JD, Karkula E, Hartman A, Duke DC, Spiro K, Harris MA

Growing up with an ill parent: An examination of family characteristics and parental illness features.
(2015 Dec)
Fam Syst Health 33(4): 356-62
Stoeckel M, Weissbrod C

Diabetes and Behavioral Learning Principles: Often Neglected yet Well-Known and Empirically Validated Means of Optimizing Diabetes Care Behavior.
(2015 Jul)
Curr Diab Rep 15(7): 39
Stoeckel M, Duke D

Treating the most vulnerable and costly in diabetes.
(2015 Jun)
Curr Diab Rep 15(6): 606
Wagner DV, Stoeckel M, E Tudor M, Harris MA

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