Kristin Budde, MD

Recent Publications

The Impact of Paid Maternity Leave on the Mental and Physical Health of Mothers and Children: A Review of the Literature and Policy Implications.
(2020 Mar/Apr)
Harv Rev Psychiatry 28(2): 113-126
Van Niel MS, Bhatia R, Riano NS, de Faria L, Catapano-Friedman L, Ravven S, Weissman B, Nzodom C, Alexander A, Budde K, Mangurian C

A Novel Approach to Fostering Diversity in Graduate Medical Education: Chief Residents for Diversity and Inclusion.
(2019 Jun)
Acad Psychiatry 43(3): 344-345
Londono Tobon A, Budde KS, Rohrbaugh RM

Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care in Two New Jersey Federally Qualified Health Centers.
(2017 Nov 1)
Psychiatr Serv 68(11): 1095-1097
Budde KS, Friedman D, Alli K, Randell J, Kang B, Feuerstein SD

Stuttering, induced fluency, and natural fluency: a hierarchical series of activation likelihood estimation meta-analyses.
(2014 Dec)
Brain Lang 139(): 99-107
Budde KS, Barron DS, Fox PT

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