Kendra Read, PhD

Kendra Read, PhD is a clinical psychologist, the Director of the Mood & Anxiety Program and Director of Anxiety Programs at Seattle Children’s. She is also the Director of Psychotherapy Training and Co-Chair of the Curriculum Committee through the University of Washington School of Medicine Child Psychiatry Fellowship. Dr. Read specializes in the treatment of youth with anxiety disorders and OCD from a cognitive behavioral therapy perspective. Her research interests include understanding factors that contribute to treatment outcome, and the dissemination and implementation of CBT for anxiety disorders.


Graduate School: Temple University, Philadelphia
Fellowship: Stanford University School of Medicine, Standford

Department Affiliations

Other Affiliations

Mood and Anxiety Program – Seattle Children’s Therapy
Training Clinic

Recent Publications

Driving Safety in Adolescents and Young Adults With Type 1 Diabetes.
(2020 Nov)
Diabetes Spectr 33(4): 352-357
Roberts AJ, Moss A, Malik FS, Taplin C, Pihoker C, Hirsch IB, Read K, Yi-Frazier JP

Indicated Prevention for Depression at the Transition to High School: Outcomes for Depression and Anxiety.
(2019 May)
Prev Sci 20(4): 499-509
Makover H, Adrian M, Wilks C, Read K, Stoep AV, McCauley E

Reproducing or Reducing Inequity? Considerations for School Food Programs.
(2018 Mar 1)
Can J Diet Pract Res 79(1): 18-22
Mcisaac JD, Read K, Williams PL, Raine KD, Veugelers PJ, Kirk SFL

Factor structure of the intolerance of uncertainty scale for children.
(2018 Jan)
J Anxiety Disord 53(): 100-107
Cornacchio D, Sanchez AL, Coxe S, Roy A, Pincus DB, Read KL, Holaway RM, Kendall PC, Comer JS

Examining adherence to components of cognitive-behavioral therapy for youth anxiety after training and consultation.
(2017 Feb)
Prof Psychol Res Pr 48(1): 54-61
Edmunds JM, Brodman DM, Ringle VA, Read KL, Kendall PC, Beidas RS

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