John Kern, MD

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McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University Residency, 1989, Psychiatry
Wayne State University SOM Medical Education, 1985

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Recent Publications

Impact of preoperative versus postoperative dialysis on left ventricular assist device outcomes: An analysis from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons Interagency Registry for Mechanically Assisted Circulatory Support database.
(2022 Mar)
JTCVS Open 9(): 122-143
Mehaffey JH, Cantor R, Myers S, Teman NR, Kern JA, Ailawadi G, Pagani F, Kirklin J, Yount K, Yarboro L

Patching an aortic tear using the side-arm and surrounding skirt of a physician-modified ascending aortic graft.
(2022 Sep)
J Card Surg 37(9): 2920-2922
Mitchell W, Mehaffey JH, Kern JA, Yount KW

Aortic valve biologic protheses: A cohort comparison of premature valve failure.
(2022 May)
J Card Surg 37(5): 1224-1229
Yount KW, Hawkins RB, Mehaffey JH, Teman NR, Yarboro LT, Kern JA, Ailawadi G

Retrograde type A dissection in the Vascular Quality Initiative thoracic endovascular aortic repair for dissection postapproval project.
(2022 May)
J Vasc Surg 75(5): 1539-1551
Beck AW, Wang G, Lombardi JV, White R, Fillinger MF, Kern JA, Cronenwett JL, Cambria RP, Azizzadeh A, TEVAR for Dissection Postapproval Project Steering Committee and Participants.

Access to Left Ventricular Assist Device: Travel Time Does Not Tell The Whole Story.
(2022 Mar)
J Surg Res 271(): 52-58
Mehaffey JH, Cullen JM, Hawkins RB, Fonner C, Kern J, Speir A, Quader M, Ailawadi G, Teman N, Yarboro L

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