Jennifer Villatte, PhD

Personal Statement

​Jennifer Villatte is a clinical psychologist committed to advancing health equity through contextual behavioral science. She is assistant professor in the department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and a core faculty member in the Behavioral Research in Technology and Engineering (BRiTE) Center  Her approach to health promotion is holistic and person-centered, with an emphasis on efficiently targeting core drivers of behavior change and a goal of living well. She is also a leader in team science, partnering with innovators in technology, human-centered design, and data science to bring evidence-based health practices to scale and to optimize behavioral interventions that enhance individual and community well-being.

Recent Publications

Multimodal Human and Environmental Sensing for Longitudinal Behavioral Studies in Naturalistic Settings: Framework for Sensor Selection, Deployment, and Management.
(2019 Aug 20)
J Med Internet Res 21(8): e12832
Booth BM, Mundnich K, Feng T, Nadarajan A, Falk TH, Villatte JL, Ferrara E, Narayanan S

The Influence of a Personal Values Intervention on Cold Pressor-Induced Distress Tolerance.
(2019 Sep)
Behav Modif 43(5): 688-710
Smith BM, Villatte JL, Ong CW, Butcher GM, Twohig MP, Levin ME, Hayes SC

Suicide Attempt Characteristics Among Veterans and Active-Duty Service Members Receiving Mental Health Services: A Pooled Data Analysis.
Mil Behav Health 3(4): 316-327
Villatte JL, O'Connor SS, Leitner R, Kerbrat AH, Johnson LL, Gutierrez PM

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy modules: Differential impact on treatment processes and outcomes.
(2016 Feb)
Behav Res Ther 77(): 52-61
Villatte JL, Vilardaga R, Villatte M, Plumb Vilardaga JC, Atkins DC, Hayes SC

Current Suicidal Ideation among Treatment-Engaged Active Duty Soldiers and Marines.
Mil Behav Health 3(4): 296-305
Zimmerman L, Villatte JL, Kerbrat AH, Atkins DC, Flaster A, Comtois KA

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