Jennifer Villatte, PhD

Personal Statement

​Jennifer Villatte is a clinical psychologist committed to advancing health equity through contextual behavioral science. She is assistant professor in the department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and a core faculty member in the Behavioral Research in Technology and Engineering (BRiTE) Center  Her approach to health promotion is holistic and person-centered, with an emphasis on efficiently targeting core drivers of behavior change and a goal of living well. She is also a leader in team science, partnering with innovators in technology, human-centered design, and data science to bring evidence-based health practices to scale and to optimize behavioral interventions that enhance individual and community well-being.

Recent Publications

TILES-2018, a longitudinal physiologic and behavioral data set of hospital workers.
(2020 Oct 16)
Sci Data 7(1): 354
Mundnich K, Booth BM, L'Hommedieu M, Feng T, Girault B, L'Hommedieu J, Wildman M, Skaaden S, Nadarajan A, Villatte JL, Falk TH, Lerman K, Ferrara E, Narayanan S

Machine learning and natural language processing in psychotherapy research: Alliance as example use case.
(2020 Jul)
J Couns Psychol 67(4): 438-448
Goldberg SB, Flemotomos N, Martinez VR, Tanana MJ, Kuo PB, Pace BT, Villatte JL, Georgiou PG, Van Epps J, Imel ZE, Narayanan SS, Atkins DC

Multimodal Human and Environmental Sensing for Longitudinal Behavioral Studies in Naturalistic Settings: Framework for Sensor Selection, Deployment, and Management.
(2019 Aug 20)
J Med Internet Res 21(8): e12832
Booth BM, Mundnich K, Feng T, Nadarajan A, Falk TH, Villatte JL, Ferrara E, Narayanan S

The Influence of a Personal Values Intervention on Cold Pressor-Induced Distress Tolerance.
(2019 Sep)
Behav Modif 43(5): 688-710
Smith BM, Villatte JL, Ong CW, Butcher GM, Twohig MP, Levin ME, Hayes SC

Suicide Attempt Characteristics Among Veterans and Active-Duty Service Members Receiving Mental Health Services: A Pooled Data Analysis.
Mil Behav Health 3(4): 316-327
Villatte JL, O'Connor SS, Leitner R, Kerbrat AH, Johnson LL, Gutierrez PM

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