James Wilcox, MD, PhD

Personal Statement

Graduate of the University of Iowa and the University of San Jose. Completed fellowships in Epidemiology and Genetics at Iowa and Harvard with post graduate work at Oxford University. Holds both MD and PhD degrees. Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Subspecialty in Behavioral Neurology.  Primary interests are neuropsychiatric research and  descriptive pathology. The contributions of genetic variation to behavior are main areas of study. Has a long record of external funding for research on neurochemistry. Currently conducting work on the effect of  genetic variations in netrin isoforms and their function as  axon guidance factors. Also working on understanding the effects of various neurochemicals on glial cells. Works as a national leader in descriptive pathology. Lectures on genetic contributions to behavioral syndromes to audiences in America and Europe. 

Recent Publications

Piloting a Graduate Medical Education Point-of-Care Ultrasound Curriculum.
(2022 Jul)
Cureus 14(7): e27173
Ferre RM, Russell FM, Peterson D, Zakeri B, Herbert A, Nti B, Goldman M, Wilcox JG, Wallach PM

Clinical implications of co-occurring prolonged grief disorder in patients with treatment-resistant major depressive disorder.
(2021 Jun)
World Psychiatry 20(2): 303-304
Zisook S, Mohamad S, Johnson G, Tal I, Villarreal G, Wilcox JA, Shear KM

Continuation phase treatment outcomes for switching, combining, or augmenting strategies for treatment-resistant major depressive disorder: A VAST-D report.
(2021 Feb)
Depress Anxiety 38(2): 185-195
Zisook S, Johnson GR, Hicks P, Chen P, Beresford T, Michalets JP, Rao S, Thase ME, Wilcox J, Sevilimedu V, Mohamed S

Impact of Concurrent Posttraumatic Stress Disorder on Outcomes of Antipsychotic Augmentation for Major Depressive Disorder With a Prior Failed Treatment: VAST-D Randomized Clinical Trial.
(2020 Jun 23)
J Clin Psychiatry 81(4):
Mohamed S, Johnson GR, Sevilimedu V, Rao SD, Hicks PB, Chen P, Lauro K, Jurjus G, Pilkinton P, Davis L, Wilcox JA, Iranmanesh A, Sapra M, Aslam M, Michalets J, Thase M, Zisook S, CSP#576 VAST-D Investigators.

Cognitive Processing Therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Is Associated with Negligible Change in Subjective and Objective Sleep.
(2020 Nov-Dec)
Behav Sleep Med 18(6): 809-819
Haynes PL, Skobic I, Epstein DR, Emert S, Parthasarathy S, Perkins S, Wilcox J

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