Heather Gebhardt, PhD

Recent Publications

An Initial Investigation of Suicide Attempt Disclosures Among US Veterans.
(2020 Nov 5)
Ammerman BA, Carter SP, Gebhardt HM, Buchholz J, Reger MA

Patient Feedback on the Use of Predictive Analytics for Suicide Prevention.
(2021 Feb 1)
Psychiatr Serv 72(2): 129-135
Reger MA, Ammerman BA, Carter SP, Gebhardt HM, Rojas SM, Lee JM, Buchholz J

Participant Reactions to Suicide-Focused Research.
(2020 Sep)
Crisis 41(5): 367-374
Carter SP, Ammerman BA, Gebhardt HM, Buchholz J, Reger MA

Differential Preferences for the Caring Contacts Suicide Prevention Intervention Based on Patient Characteristics.
(2020 Jul-Sep)
Arch Suicide Res 24(3): 301-312
Ammerman BA, Gebhardt HM, Lee JM, Tucker RP, Matarazzo BB, Reger MA

A randomized controlled trial of prolonged exposure therapy versus relaxation training for older veterans with military-related PTSD.
(2019 May)
J Anxiety Disord 64(): 45-54
Thorp SR, Glassman LH, Wells SY, Walter KH, Gebhardt H, Twamley E, Golshan S, Pittman J, Penski K, Allard C, Morland LA, Wetherell J

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