Heather Gebhardt, PhD

Recent Publications

Participant Reactions to Suicide-Focused Research.
(2020 Sep)
Crisis 41(5): 367-374
Carter SP, Ammerman BA, Gebhardt HM, Buchholz J, Reger MA

Differential Preferences for the Caring Contacts Suicide Prevention Intervention Based on Patient Characteristics.
(2020 Jul-Sep)
Arch Suicide Res 24(3): 301-312
Ammerman BA, Gebhardt HM, Lee JM, Tucker RP, Matarazzo BB, Reger MA

A randomized controlled trial of prolonged exposure therapy versus relaxation training for older veterans with military-related PTSD.
(2019 May)
J Anxiety Disord 64(): 45-54
Thorp SR, Glassman LH, Wells SY, Walter KH, Gebhardt H, Twamley E, Golshan S, Pittman J, Penski K, Allard C, Morland LA, Wetherell J

Veteran Preferences for the Caring Contacts Suicide Prevention Intervention.
(2019 Oct)
Suicide Life Threat Behav 49(5): 1439-1451
Reger MA, Gebhardt HM, Lee JM, Ammerman BA, Tucker RP, Matarazzo BB, Wood AE, Ruskin DA

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