Eric Strachan, PhD

Personal Statement

​As a clinician I provide primarily cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for people living with HIV and AIDS at Harborview Medical Center’s Madison Clinic. I also teach CBT to third year Psychiatry residents and provide clinical supervision to Psychiatry and Psychology residents. In past years, I also provided group CBT for adults diagnosed with schizophrenia and other psychoses at Harborview and Western State Hospital. As a researcher, I work with the University of Washington Twin Registry and other University of Washington investigators to better understand depression, pain, and how psychological stress affects physical health.


Public Sector Psychology , University of Washington , 2004-2006
Public Behavioral Health and Justice Policy , University of Washington , 2003-2004
Ph.D. , Psychology , University of Nebraska, Lincoln , 1999-2004
M.A. , Psychology , University of Colorado, Colorado Springs , 1997-1999
B.A. , Political Science , Yale University , 1990-1994

Training Programs

Recent Publications

Temporal Relationships between Pain, Mood and Urinary Symptoms in Urological Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome: A MAPP Network Study.
(2021 Jun)
J Urol 205(6): 1698-1703
Naliboff BD, Schrepf AD, Stephens-Shields AJ, Clemens JQ, Pontari MA, Labus J, Taple BJ, Rodriguez LV, Strachan E, Griffith JW

Natural bladder filling alters resting brain function at multiple spatial scales: a proof-of-concept MAPP Network Neuroimaging Study.
(2020 Nov 16)
Sci Rep 10(1): 19901
Mawla I, Schrepf A, Ichesco E, Harte SE, Klumpp DJ, Griffith JW, Strachan E, Yang CC, Lai H, Andriole G, Magnotta VA, Kreder K, Clauw DJ, Harris RE, Clemens JQ, Landis JR, Mullins C, Rodriguez LV, Mayer EA, Kutch JJ

Central and Peripheral Symptoms in Network Analysis are Differentially Heritable A Twin Study of Anxious Misery.
(2020 Sep 1)
J Affect Disord 274(): 986-994
Olatunji BO, Christian C, Strachan E, Levinson CA

Insomnia and posttraumatic stress symptoms: Evidence of shared etiology.
(2020 Apr)
Psychiatry Res 286(): 112548
Cox RC, Taylor S, Strachan E, Olatunji BO

Genome-wide profiling of DNA methylome and transcriptome in peripheral blood monocytes for major depression: A Monozygotic Discordant Twin Study.
(2019 Sep 2)
Transl Psychiatry 9(1): 215
Zhu Y, Strachan E, Fowler E, Bacus T, Roy-Byrne P, Zhao J

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