Eric Strachan, PhD

Personal Statement

​As a clinician I provide primarily cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for people living with HIV and AIDS at Harborview Medical Center’s Madison Clinic. I also teach CBT to third year Psychiatry residents and provide clinical supervision to Psychiatry and Psychology residents. In past years, I also provided group CBT for adults diagnosed with schizophrenia and other psychoses at Harborview and Western State Hospital. As a researcher, I work with the University of Washington Twin Registry and other University of Washington investigators to better understand depression, pain, and how psychological stress affects physical health.


Public Sector Psychology , University of Washington , 2004-2006
Public Behavioral Health and Justice Policy , University of Washington , 2003-2004
Ph.D. , Psychology , University of Nebraska, Lincoln , 1999-2004
M.A. , Psychology , University of Colorado, Colorado Springs , 1997-1999
B.A. , Political Science , Yale University , 1990-1994

Training Programs

Recent Publications

Central and Peripheral Symptoms in Network Analysis are Differentially Heritable A Twin Study of Anxious Misery.
(2020 Sep 1)
J Affect Disord 274(): 986-994
Olatunji BO, Christian C, Strachan E, Levinson CA

Insomnia and posttraumatic stress symptoms: Evidence of shared etiology.
(2020 Apr)
Psychiatry Res 286(): 112548
Cox RC, Taylor S, Strachan E, Olatunji BO

Genome-wide profiling of DNA methylome and transcriptome in peripheral blood monocytes for major depression: A Monozygotic Discordant Twin Study.
(2019 Sep 2)
Transl Psychiatry 9(1): 215
Zhu Y, Strachan E, Fowler E, Bacus T, Roy-Byrne P, Zhao J

The Washington State Twin Registry: 2019 Update.
(2019 Dec)
Twin Res Hum Genet 22(6): 788-793
Duncan GE, Avery AR, Strachan E, Turkheimer E, Tsang S

Stepped Care as an Implementation and Service Delivery Model for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis.
(2019 Jul)
Community Ment Health J 55(5): 755-767
Kopelovich SL, Strachan E, Sivec H, Kreider V

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